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Once cave crickets are established around the home, they will readily move inside for shelter from the hot summer heat.
Another unique feature of this cricket is that they jump randomly and are more likely to jump at you than away from you. Another problem with letting cave cricket populations go unchecked is that they can cause a lot of damage to fabric. If you think some are getting into living areas because you have seen droppings, damaged fabric or the crickets themselves, set out some GLUE TRAP MONITORS.
Any other structure close to the home which may be harboring crickets should be treated thoroughly as well. If you have them inside the home, it will take more than just perimeter treating the outside of the house to control the inside population. Though the use of glue traps (listed above) can help, they won’t control an established local reproduction. But for mild or light infestations where you have access to crawl spaces or basements where the crickets are reproducing, you can apply┬áNIBAN FG bait. And finished basements can harbor these crickets too so don’t neglect this important part of the home. By direct baiting each space you find, you’ll be getting to where the crickets are living and reproducing.

Although baiting cave crickets will work when populations are small and you’re okay waiting for the bait to kick in and take effect, treating with dusts and sprays inside will yield quicker and more thorough results.
Tags: CAVE CRICKET, cave cricket treatment, cave crickets, cricket, cricket control, cricket spray. They’re quite comfortable in crawl spaces and like their cousins the field and mole cricket, cave crickets will can nest in the ground. Such inspections may reveal pest problems and if you find crickets during an inspection, treat as soon as possible. Many times rats and mice will take advantage of cave cricket populations which are active in your home. These come flat as pictured below but can be folded up into a triangle which will provide the type of shelter cave crickets like.
Severe populations will require more frequent treatments initially until the cricket population subsides. Camelback crickets will almost always infest crawl spaces or basements if left to do as they please. Since cave crickets reproduce quickly, it is wise to get rid of them before populations swell. This could lead to rat and mouse infestations as well and will require more even pest control!

And there is a scent built into the glue on this board crickets seem to love so they’ll readily enter and get caught. These are classic problem areas and hard to reach by sprinkling bait but crickets will be using the spaces so they need treatment.
Before we discuss methods of cave cricket control, it is important that you understand some basic biology of this pest. Because of the problems associated with letting cave crickets live in your home, it is wise to take action to stop such infestations. This hand powered device will propel the Niban up to 20 feet and will let you treat hard to reach areas where cave crickets might be hiding.
When combined with outside treatments of Conquer, you will be able to control existing populations as well as keep new ones from coming back.
This becomes a problem in the home since migrating crickets can cause substantial damage if left unchecked.

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