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These bees can be removed & re-located only if they are causing a real hazard or danger to people, providing the nest can be accessed without damage to property.
The following is from a Bumble Bee Conservation Trust (BBCT) presentation on Tree Bumble Bees at the BBKA 2011 Spring convention.
BBCT reckon that there is going to be a massive increase in calls to swarm coordinators in the summer about these; their spread has been quite considerable - dealing with the calls is likely to be quite a challenge! The nests are distinctive as there may be a cloud of drones hovering at the entrance (up to 50 drones) patrolling and watching out for queens leaving. The colonies can be moved (just take the nest box) and relocated, more than 2 miles recommended distance; do this in the evening.
Your Bristol Wasp Control service begins with a comprehensive inspection, establishing the location, size and number of wasps nests present. Factors that may serve to influence the wasps response include - temperature, nest size and nest maturity. The linear flight path of wasps, means that they fly in a straight line, too and from the nest.

Breaking the invisible linear flight path, too and from the nest, immediately makes you a threat and a target.
What has also been seen (in numerous loft spaces) is that wasps of a particular species do seem to nest in the same space year after year. Finally we have aerial nesters or those that prefer to nest in trees and shrubs or on the sides of structures - from guttering etc.
When wasps are nesting in a confined or restricted space they will often what they can to enlarge it. If the nest is resting against a ceiling or wall that is constructed of plaster board, the wasps will simply eat through it. Another reason for nesting in a particular place is believed to be linked with the odour produced by different species of structural timbers e.g.
Eventually the queen will only have the job of laying eggs and the nest will continue to mature. Later in the summer or as the colony matures, males will develop and leave the nest to mate.

We strongly recommend you contact a bee removal professional as the results of bee, wasp or hornet stings can be serious. Others will nest in terrestrial nests (above ground) in structures such as houses, outbuildings, bird boxes and compost bins.
Some types of loft insulation lend themselves very nicely to wasp nest formation and provide the wasp nest with a degree of camouflage. The photo at the top of the page shows a newly hatched male leaving the nest and his hairy thorax can be seen quite well. Some feed on us while others feed on our belongings, the fabric of our buildings, or our food, so control has never been more important to get right first time.

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