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Garden bumblebees do not fly over the surrounding fields, but regularly take nectar from garden plants. They do this even on cold spring days.
Transparent plexiglass lid is designed to not disturb the nest of bumblebees during the revision.
The success of settling of nest by bumblebees is unpredictable and perhaps is 25% (1 of 4) – and so you should use a lot of boxes.

Overwintering fertilized females (queens) search each year for a new base for the family. Bumble bee box from Oxford Bee Company is the best one for the females, who are looking for a place to nest in the spring, to found a new family. First priority – feeding with a solution of honey, sometimes with fresh pollen ( bumble bees do not take artificial pollen), which is enclosed in the empty cocoons in cell. It  is easy to make bumble bee vestibule inside the hive-house, then it will be about twice longer. Tunnel in this case is not required.

In winter or early spring you should clean out and disinfect the house-nest for bumble bees, put a new soft layer.

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