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Bumblebees are the most popular picture young children will draw when asked to create a picture of a bee. Large yellow and black bees usually flying in and around flowers, bumblebees are wonders of nature.
The most common way people find a nest is when they are finally cleaning something out of their yard which should have been cleaned out years ago and when they move it, they uncover an angry bumblebee nest! However, if the nest is large or if you notice they are active into the evening, it would be a good idea to equip yourself with some BEE FREEZE. Most importantly, it doesn’t do well when sprayed into spaces or voids where bumblebee nests are hiding.
The other way to treat bumblebee nests is when the nest is under some type of loose material like pine straw, wood chips or compost pile.
Simply hook the sprayer up to your garden hose, add the Esfenvalerate and the Spreader Sticker along with some water and spray until all the material is gone. There are many types of bees and wasps that will target certain plants under certain conditions. Now if she prefers to spray nothing but a repellent, NBS is an organic insect repellent that can be added to water and sprayed on plants, homes, etc. This will happen because unlike traditional chemicals, the bees cannot detect this new active ingredient.
This product is easy to mix, works on many insects including ants, bees and termites and we’ve had great results using it for special problems like this.
I have a nest of bumble bees under a crack in my foundation steps leading to the front door of my house. If they are in fact bumble bees, there will be no odor associated with treating their nest and the subsequent recycling of their bodies. Now bumble bees will do the same thing too and if they find a good location to build a nest, they’ll mark it as such. But if its definitely bumble bees and you decide you need to dust the entire loft, use a Dustin Mizer.

Bumblebees… Every time I go into the barn 1 or 2 bumblebees get very aggressive and I have been stung. How they are able to fly has always been a mystery to engineers that have long maintained the design and structure of bumblebees is such that they are defying the laws of physics every time they take to the air.
Since you want the material to penetrate the soil, you will need to add SPREADER STICKER to the hose end sprayer. Again, do this work in the evening or just after dark when all the bees will be in their nest. And though it’s not likely to be a bumble bee, it could be another type of bee that looks like bumble bees.
So after you spray, they’ll go about their business of landing in the area, walking over the treatment, etc. No doubt honey bees can have lingering odors after treating because honey bee nests will number in the hundreds if not the thousands.
But if it turns out to be carpenter bees, you’ll need to use Drione dust (which is listed in the carpenter bee article). Bumblebees are heavy to begin with and sometimes loaded with pollen to such a degree that flying can be difficult. However, that same bee will be completely different if you come too close to it’s nest. Once the sun has set and all the bees are back in the nest, load the duster with Deltamethrin Dust and treat. This additive will enhance the performance of the Esfenvalerate so that it will sink down to the bumblebee nest quickly. To prevent this from happening, apply some COMPLETE LAWN GRANULES over the area prior to spraying. So if you were to saturate the area where you see the bees active with a good 1 gallon of this product (mixed with water), you’ll knock the nest out for good.
But during this time, any bee that touches a treated area will pass some of the chemical onto other members.

Add to this the fact that most honey bee nests include honey and its easy to understand why their nests can smell like something rotting for months after a treatment.
And since they return to where they were born to start new nests, its entirely possible this is the bee you have active in the area. Bumblebees are one of many flying insects that contribute to the pollination of plants and flowers throughout the world. Esfenvalerate can be applied with a hose end sprayer to thick mulch and ground cover where nests may be but hard to find. That being said, most flying pests like bees and wasps will detect it’s presence and avoid the plant. The granules need water to be activated and the water from the spraying will serve that purpose.
And since so many will have come in contact with the spray, it means they’ll all die. We now have seen bees going in the other side of the house last week near the loft hatch and we need to go into the loft within the next week. The active will then be transferred to other members of the nest since bees are highly social. People and bumblebees will come to conflict when nests are in close proximity to where we like to picnic, work or play. But if you already have a nest, you will have to do some pest control in order to get your property back from these territorial bees.
Commonly used on foundations, plants, shrubbery and in the ground, its easy to use too with any good hose end sprayer.

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