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Scent: Citronella, lemongrass and cedar essential oils (known for their safe and effective bug repellent properties).
I just wanted to send praises your way for the baby sunscreen & Natural Bug Blend Bug Spray. Most experts recommend that you use a DEET based bug spray (with a max concentration of 30 percent) but you should only use it on babies over two months of age. I'm especially grateful for the sunscreen and bug products, as I try very hard to keep chemicals off my children.

We recently moved to the "country" and couldn't find anything to keep the bugs away from our 6 month old baby girl. Our DEET free natural formula repels bugs such as fleas, mosquitoes, ticks and biting flies.
I confess that I use this spray to shoo away regular old annoying house flies, which really is the most expensive way to do it if you calculate the amount of bug spray that is wasted chasing the wiley creature around as it makes its inevitable escape!
California Baby Natural Bug Spray does double duty helping to soothe existing bites with herbs that care for the skin.

It was nice not worrying about the effects of all the chemicals and being able to reapply often, the smell is great, and our sweet baby laughed every time we sprayed him because he loved the cool mist on his legs in that heat. Which I love that Target now sells :) For some reason the pesky mosquitios love her sweet skin and with your product it keeps them away!

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