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I hear stories from people interested in our service about how their kids are getting eaten alive in their backyards, how after playing in the yard for an afternoon they are covered with itchy, swollen welts all over their body. Keep both the Deet and the bugs off your kids – kill mosquitos with our safe and effective barrier sprays. The health threat posed by DEET (N,N-diethyl-3-methylbenzamide) to humans is still being studied, but Abou-Donia said his 30 years of research on pesticides' effects on the brain clearly indicate that people need to be cautious about their use of DEET.
Nevertheless, DEET is being given a pass while the harmless and natural essential oil of citronella is being banned. Montreal company, Druide, has been selling government-approved citronella sprays and lotions since 1995. Druide's citronella-based bug spray was a bestseller for the company, which manufactures organic personal care products. DEET passed Health Canada's scrutiny because the manufacturers provided the required safety data.
While Skinner's earlier research has shown similar effects from a pesticide and fungicide, this is the first to show a greater variety of toxicants -- including jet fuel, dioxin, plastics and DEET. When DEET and sunscreen agents are combined, there's a marked increase in the rate of absorption through the skin. Tracey TieF made and sold a natural bug spray with essential oils including lavender and rosemary for seven years before Health Canada shut her down recently. Aimee Alabaster says she joined the class because she wants a natural bug spray for her children.

Come 2015, citronella bug sprays won't be entirely out of reach, you will just have to cross the border. The vast majority of the DEET-based repellents that you see have a DEET concentration of between 5 percent and 15 or 20 percent. A safe alternative to DEET, Coleman® Naturals Insect Repellent Snap Bands provide hours of bug protection.
They ask if we can help with mosquito problems, but want to be sure that it’s safe for the kids.
Our professional techs will come with backpack sprayers and shoot out a fine mist of repellent, which lightly coats all the foliage around your house. Our sprays are highly toxic to the bugs only; for instance, ordinary table salt is MORE toxic to children than our Simply Organic, natural mosquito spray. Consumer Reports has some important advice on how to avoid bug bites and at the same time limit exposure to potentially dangerous chemicals in insect repellents. So are many consumers who prefer natural bug sprays over ones with synthetic chemicals like DEET. Abou-Donia found frequent and prolonged use of DEET, the most often recommended and most common mosquito repellent ingredient, caused brain cell death and behavioral changes in rats.
The spray kills mosquitos on contact and puts up a protective barrier that will last up to three weeks. All content on this site may be copied, without permission, whether reproduced digitally or in print, provided copyright, reference and source information are intact and use is strictly for not-for-profit purposes.

In a laboratory study that we did with a particular species of mosquito, DEET was found to be the most effective commercially available repellent.
Unfortunately, DEET has been shown to have adverse health effects when used in high quantities. It's been in used in this country as a repellent since about 1948, but very variable efficacy has been reported with its use. Luckily, there are other, all natural scents and oils that bugs find repulsive and, when applied topically, will ward off insects.
And after a hike, put your clothes in the dryer to kill any ticks you brought home with you.
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