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The gnats are not too terrible - they don't bite, they just flit around the kitchen and anywhere that has ripe fruit. If you are going afield where gnats are active, consider some type of preventive application for either your skin or your clothes. But for old damage to the skin, GENES SOOTHING CREAM is an all natural ointment that works wonders.
GNAT REPELLENT is the simplest material to apply and will repel several types of nuisance biting insects for 2-3 weeks. For small areas, like inside the home or enclosed patios or decks, PT-5656XLO or PT-MICROCARE will prove effective. For light infestations, this is OK but if you have small areas that will need treatments through the entire season, consider getting an AEROSOL MACHINE and METERED AEROSOL. Two other aerosol options that recently came to market should be considered for sensitive areas or when treatments are to be done in gardens.
If you want to get concentrates and use your own sprayer for the job, a combination of PYRETHRIN 6% and PERMETHRIN SFR will provide both quick knockdown and long lasting residual.
We also have a product called CYONARA RTS available which comes in it’s own hose end sprayer.
Lastly, we also carry ORGANIC MOSQUITO KILLER which also comes in it’s own hose end sprayer. Most of our foggers can use our WATER BASED PYRETHRIN PREMIXED FORMULATION but it’s more cost effective to get the concentrates and mix your own. The EVERGREEN PYRETHRIN and PERMETHRIN are two actives that can be mixed together that will prove highly effective for misting when targeting gnats and will no doubt prove cost effective to use over the cost of any season.
For treating around vegetable gardens or any kind of fruit yielding plant of tree, the EVERGREEN PYRETHRIN should be used alone. ESSENTRIA IC is also the only active labeled for use around water like ponds, lakes and rivers so again, for any sensitive areas you want to fog, this is the best active because you can be aggressive yet not have to worry about hurting the landscape or any aquatic life. Now if you want the easiest way to control gnats, you’ll need to invest in a fogging machine. For example, the author has about a 1 acre lot which he regularly treats for mosquitoes, gnats and other flying pests. Regardless of the form you choose to apply, the Back Pack Fogger or our Thermal Fogger will prove to be the most effective tools for getting any large area properly sprayed for gnats. Order online and get a 5% discount! We ship fast with 99.9% of all orders shipping within 1 business day!!
Please show your support for our business by purchasing the items we recommend from the links provided. When using this method with our Back Pack Mist Blower and Bifen, you can treat an acre with as little as 1-2 gallons of mixed material. There are alot of flies and gnats out there and I doubt most of us will deal with even a majority of them on any serious level. Jerry Schappert is a certified pest control operator and Associate Certified Entomologist with over two and a half decades of experience from birds to termites and everything in between.
We used the large Ziploc filled with water and a penny trick at our barn last summer – and the flies and horse flies really did avoid the area!
Thanks so much for reading and if anything more comes my way regarding Horse Flies I’ll be sure to post it. I know their eye is big and red so perhaps that–I never really paid attention to be honest.
I have a co worker that has insured me that placing post it notes around the soil of her fungus gnat infested plant will do the trick. You can rid your houseplants of fungus gnats by submerging all the dirt (if it’s a small enough pot) in water and letting stand for 30 minutes. I don't have a good solution for them, other than maybe using some of that environmental bug spray (comes with a green label, they sell it at Home Depot) and it uses cedar oil or some kind of essential oil to kill bugs.
I can't vouch for the effectiveness of this yet, since the gnats haven't been too bothersome lately. Gnats are really flies but because of their small size and other behaviors, people don’t generally think of them as such. Eye gnats will regularly land on or around ones eye and nose; black flies or buffalo gnats will land anywhere they can find skin on which to suck blood.
This product is repellent to most insects and is a great help at keeping ticks, chiggers, mosquitoes, gnats and most any biting insect away. The Bands fit around your wrist and release a light Citronella odor; the Bite Shields are usually attached to your belt and offer better protection overall.
Their sheer persistence can ruin a family picnic, outside get together or any attempt to just go outside and relax on your deck or in the yard.
Be sure to apply it approximately 12 hours prior to any event if you are attempting to keep the area gnat free during a specific time. This will usually be the case when there are just too many areas around in which the gnats can breed and multiply. ORGANIC FLYING INSECT KILLER is certified organic and can be used inside or outside for open space treatments. ORGANIC HOUSEPLANT KILLER is safe enough to be applied directly to plants making it the only aerosol you can apply to organic gardens, herb gardens or plants both inside and outside the home. Liquid treatments will be applied with a sprayer and though effective, there will be waste and time considerations. Expect to be treating once every 10-14 days once the problem is under control; more frequently if you live in a moist area where gnats are able to populate within a few days. Certified organic by the NOP, Mosquito Killer will handle most any biting pest like gnats and is very safe to use. Additionally, you’ll be using a lot less material to get the same area treated compared to liquid sprays. Over time any one of these devices will more than pay for itself because they will enable you to treat so much faster and use less chemical compared to liquid spraying.
It’s highly effective because the mist these machines create will cover plants, turf and hard to reach areas way better compared to liquid applications. The BACK PACK FOGGER is handy because its self powered, can hold several gallons of mixed product and is carried on your back.
Remember, this is the only way we can stay around to answer your questions and keep this valuable web site up and running. Mainly as food for other bugs and animals but also to help recycle things like animal feces and giving back precious nutrients to the soil. Certain flies such as Horse flies eat blood and nectar so scrubbing down your garbage cans will do little in your control effort of them where as for common House flies this will make a world of difference. If one single female lived and had her normal 5 or 6 batches of eggs and they all hatched and had theirs. Animal manure is perhaps the favorite place for a female to lay her eggs but decaying garbage or grains are other areas common as well.

If you fill a large clear zip lock bag with water, put a penny in it and hang it just outside your doors and windows you will supposedly keep flies from entering. Generally speaking you’ll not have a huge infestation problem with these flies but in case your seeing shiny blue or green flies about the home you’ll know what to look for. The little tots are afraid to use the pool sometimes because they become a meal for the horse flies. Haiku has a reputation for rain but even Hali'imaile and upcountry was kind of wet on Wednesday. Another friend recommends adding a little dish soap to the vinegar and water, saying it breaks the surface tension in the water and the gnats will drown.
By preventing their natural ability to scent targets, Mosquito Blockers will prevent the gnats from knowing you are present and will go elsewhere looking for food. The constant renewal of adults means there will be aggressive competition for food which means repellents won’t work well. The Microcare will last 2-4 weeks and is much better suited if you intend on spraying surfaces as well as the air. Liquid treatment is easy to do when you have small areas like a garden or under a deck that needs to be sprayed from time time. Cyonara is labeled for use on Vegetable Gardens, handles a broad range of insects and is odorless. About half of this area includes his house and well manicured lawn; the other half is mostly a wild area full of overgrown weeds and other plants. It can treat large areas over an acre and will do so efficiently saving on chemical costs and the time needed to treat the given area.
Also flies such as Blow Flies, Flesh Flies and others provide this same function for decomposing animal carcasses. We all get the occasional fly in our homes and perhaps a good swing with the newspaper or handy swatter will beat out a google search for that day. It may mean less watering of indoor plants if you have identified the pest as a Fungus Gnat.
This article will deal with Small Flies and Filth Flies which should cover almost anything you and I will see.
A tan head and thorax but it’s red eyes are the most distinguishing mark you’ll see to identify this fly.
Just remember they must have ripened (rotting) fruit or organic material to complete their life cycle. Place the trap near the area where the flies are most noticed and perhaps another trap or two in other areas just in case.
They are usually black in color but what makes them most identifiable is the presence of visible hairs over it’s wings and body making it look ‘moth like’.
In the course of one year you would have over one billion flies, all offspring from one single female. Sprays such as Raid are often used but most of the spray ends up in the air or running down the wall with the acrobatic evasive flying skills that the house fly possesses.
According to lore the water in the baggies refracts the light, confusing the fly and in essence it flies the other direction or the other theory is they think it’s a wasp nest and stay away. It’s not uncommon to have 130 or more flies come out of one small mouse carcass.Animals can and do die in all sorts of places. Always learning in his craft he is familiar with rural pest services and big city control techniques. Gnats just like to hang around the fruit or veggies - and in this time of ripe mangoes and other tropical fruits, the gnats somehow get into the house, and are mildly irritating.
However, due to their small size and ability to both reproduce quickly and in many situations, gnats can easily be found thriving inside most any structure. Females need a blood meal in order to become fertile and once she mates, will lay hundreds of eggs. They will seek this from any mammal they can find and people will often times be their prime target. Both of these materials will repel gnats and other flying insects and keep them off your skin.
In the process the Linalool will permeate the area making biting pests like mosquitoes and gnats not able to locate targets.
Their bites won’t heal quickly and when they fly into your mouth, ears, nose or eyes, they can bite and sting making for some very uncomfortable conditions.
The Microcare is good to use on any surface gnats will land like screening or around windows or lights.
This set up is excellent for porches, patios, decks, basements and any small area which has gnats, mosquitoes or other flying insects throughout the warm summer months. For this reason you should expect short term control of gnats and nothing that lasts more than a day or so. If you don’t mind dragging the garden hose through the yard, either type of hose end treatments will work for small areas and is the best way to treat when using a liquid formulation. A properly fitted fogger for your property will enable you to treat the area in very little time and save on the cost of chemical so it’s always better to oversize the machine compared to the work load it will have to handle. The job could be done using an electric machine but it would mean having to drag an extension cord around (which takes time) and refilling the tank of these smaller machines a few times. Basically you’re lightly misting all the vegetation where they might be nesting and reproducing. It’s only when these flies bite humans or land on,eat and contaminate our foods thus spreading of germs that they become pests. Or removal of say a mouse or squirrel carcass in the attic should you notice it’s Flesh Flies that are infesting. Not as much is known about this gnat however we know they feed on fungus growing in moist organic material. I haven’t seen it on the cover of Better Homes and Gardens yet but I’m sure it’s just a matter of time. Jerry has owned and operated a successful pest control company since 1993 in Ocala,Florida.
This article will explain some basic biology about gnats, detail why they are a problem in and around the home and then offer ways to treat local infestations. Though she will look for moist damp areas on which to lay her brood, each species will take advantage of prime locations which can vary from region to region.
Since gnats will regularly seek such places on which to rest, treating such areas can prove to have a big impact on their activity. This odorless concentrate is labeled for use right on vegetables and turf and it won’t hurt pets or people. When using these machines for this area, it was taking the author around 30 minutes to treat the same area. This is an oil based concentrate which works well on all kinds of crawling and flying pests.

Use some repellent on your skin and clothes if you are going somewhere off your property and expect to encounter them. Of all the insects that invade our homes, flies may be the most important in terms of our health and well being.
Also they can feed and breed in fruit juices or beers and wine found in the bottom of un rinsed containers. Phroid flies are also called Coffin Flies because they are known to be found in mortuaries and mausoleums.
The eggs are laid and the larvae live in that gelatinous film that you find in drains and sometimes on organic materials. Also areas such as sump pumps, refrigerator condensation trays, the base of toilet bowls or bathtubs and showers. Sometimes this pest will build up outside in organic material such as mulch and enter the home through windows or each time the doors are open.
If I were a betting man I’d bet that every man, woman and child has had a common house fly at sometime buzz their face while they were swinging wildly away with a rolled up newspaper or swatter. Since eggs are laid mostly in animal manure keeping your yard and surroundings cleaned up from Rin Tin Tin’s deposits will go along way.
While his knowledge and practical application has benefitted his community Jerry wanted to impart his wisdom on a broader scale to help many more. I've wondered if spraying some tea tree oil scented vinegar in the air would also keep them away, but haven't tried that yet. One region may find eggs common throughout salt marshes and streams; another area may find the eggs on animal droppings or rain ditches.
The 565 and Microcare use the more traditional solvent systems which can react with some finishes and glass so if you plan on treating inside a lot, use the Flying Insect Killer. So yes, the Back Pack Fogger cost more to buy initially but in the end, it’s been working fine for 13 years now and has no doubt more than paid for itself in time saved. Bug Bands and Bite Shields will help as well and if you do get bit, keep some Bite Ointment available for treatment. In countries such as South Africa and other third world countries diseases like typhoid, paratyphoid, cholera, bacillary, dysentery, infantile diarrhea, pin worm, roundworm, whip worm, hookworm and tapeworm are spread throughout. One note this fly has been helpful to mankind in that early genetic research used fruit flies and that research is still considered foundational.
Besides all the obvious make sure to look under the fridge, stove and other appliances as well as those potatoes or bananas at the ‘bottom’ of the pile.
Often these flies help in murder investigations as detectives can use the maggots (larvae) collected on the scene to determine the time of death. Flower pots which accumulate standing water, along with gutters, rain barrels, old tires and buckets all can hold more then enough water to provide the needed moisture for gnats to successfully grow and thrive. For mild levels of activity or where gnats are not too dominant, there are several repelling treatments that can prove to be helpful.
But the one limiting thing about all three aerosols is that they must be applied over and over. Though the Repellent options will help, they will prove to be short lived and won’t solve the breeding problem so use them only where problems are light. Flies are so often found in areas of filth picking up pathogens on their feet and mouth parts. It breeds and feeds on ripened fruits and vegetables as well as moist decaying organic matter.(which can be a long list of things) The female will lay some 500 hundred eggs near the surface of fermenting fruit or organic matter only to have the eggs hatch in about 30 hours.
Other areas such as noted for fruit flies also apply and the same rules go for the Phroid fly.
The larvae feed on the fungus for a time, pupate and emerge later as adults repeating the cycle. Sprays or fly baits can work outside to reduce adults in areas such as dumpster or trash can areas. It is the goal of this site to inform you with his keen insights and safely guide you through your pest control treatment needs.
Once eggs hatch, larva will feed for 2-3 weeks and then undergo metamorphosis in a cocoon like stage called pupa. For maximum control, spray or fog on a regular basis and you will be able to get outside more often and enjoy the experience a lot more as well. The larvae feed for 5 to 6 days then crawl to drier areas of the food source or even away from the source to pupate. Cracks and crevices with even small amounts of material will suffice to sustain hundreds of fruit flies. Space sprays such as non residual aerosols can be used to reduce adult populations but that extreme is seldom needed. The ground and wall surfaces adjacent to this area can be treated and produce good results.
A word of caution; Any time you are dealing with dead animal removal you may wish to dawn gloves and protective clothing. I’ve heard mixed results with the bag and I do a lot of horse farms in my area and believe me we have tried many different things. While Moth flies are not the most common to infest a home they can be tricky to completely get rid of so it can be chronic. Treatment of the organic material with a liquid or granule may also help some but will do little against the egg, larvae and pupal stages. Once you find the source (usually you’ll find the larvae squirming about) wrap it up and throw it away. Perhaps the best way is to seal the fly out of your home is making sure screens are in good repair, doors have weather stripping, window trim is caulked and on and on.
Always in search of food no matter where it’s located and no matter what the condition, flies present a huge danger and challenge to mankind.
That may be all you’ll need to do at this point but any other fruit that is ripening is suspect and needs to be watched. You can use such ’space’ sprays like non-residual aerosols to kill adult flies or even a bug bomb in severe infestations. After all, mankind has been battling the fly for 1000’s of years and I’m gonna tell you to “make sure your door shuts all the way”. You can make these yourself or purchase but either way you’ll need to put some type of fruit juice or beer as the bait. Remove the funnel and pour a small amount of fruit or orange juice into the jar.Beer works well too.

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