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Bethesda Softwork’s mobile strategy game Fallout Shelter logged over a billion play sessions during its first month on, and it only available on iOS back then. When the save-file bug manifests, Fallout Shelter fails to load in full and stop just short the main menu.
While radroaches can be stumped out and vault dwellers patched with stimpacks and Radaway, there is little gamers can do to combat the save game bug.

That figure is set to soar with since Fallout Shelter hit Google Play earlier this months, well, unless new Android overseers get disgusted by a bug more terrifying than radroaches.
But new players, and those still feeling their way around their vaults, should take note of some of the mobile game’s most helpful hints and watch out for a few game-grounding glitches.
Apparently iOS users have been plagued by the game’s save issue, but the bug has only made it out of the forums and into the mainstream when it launched on Google Play on Aug.

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