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Though most spiders are relatively harmless, the brown recluse is one of few spiders in the United States that have the potential to be quite harmful to humans. Despite how the pictures might depict them, brown recluses are actually quite small, growing no larger than three quarters of an inch (~20 mm) across. When trying to find evidence of a spider infestation, keep in mind that these are nocturnal creatures.
As their name implies, their color is typically a uniform brown color, however some variations can be gray or off-white.

Despite their bite being quite nasty, it is not considered dangerous to search for brown recluse spiders. Receiving a bite from a brown recluse can lead to skin lesions and in the worst case, death. The stiff discarded moltings are a telltale sign of the presence of brown recluse, and finding an abundance of them may be good evidence of a brown recluse infestation.
Recognising a brown recluse infestation is taking place is the first step in the process of ridding your home of brown recluse spiders.

The brown recluse is often confused with the woodlouse spider due to them sharing similar physical appearances (e.g.

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