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Believing these spiders to be black widows, my options have been either to be very attentive while around the worm bin–or to roll out the vacuum.
The thing about these spiders is that they lack the identifying spots on their abdomens, but I remembered being told somewhere that not all types show the red marks, and that males never do. Not all adult black widows exhibit the red hourglass on the ventrum underside or top of the abdomen — some may have a pair of red spots or have no marking at all. But then on the handy page Frequently Encountered Spiders in California, I learned about the False black widow.
Another European invasive, this spider seems to be displacing our native black widows in urban areas. The spiders in my box are pretty shy, but insofar as I can tell, they are all sort of an eggplant color–not that true, bad-ass black of a classic widow. Not to scare you too much (I like the idea of a false black widow too), but we live in the SoCal area and have lots of Brown Widows.
Black widows will have a non-sticky strong web, do not live in colonies (very territorial), and do not like to be far away from the ground. I live in Oklahoma far from all of you but I read where you said black widows stay close to the ground. For those who think spiders don’t bite or know of no one bitten by a spider, I know of someone who was bitten by a brown recluse.
I had previously noticed red markings, so after some research we concluded they were brown widows.
I’ve never done any real research but I do find unmistakable Black Widow spiders around my house with some frequency. What I’ve heard is that the toxic spiders of whatever variety will weave a chaotic web. When I was 7, my family moved to the Okanagan and someone told me that they had black widow spiders.
I generally have a no kill policy when it comes to spiders but the widow family means I bust out the shop van without guilt. I live in san clemente and recently bit by brown widow on my leg while laying on my patio furniture watching sunset.

Found this post because we just adopted a worm bin from someone living on the other side of the island (Oahu) and there are at least 5 of these same spiders living around the lid and the cardboard I put in the bin. Black widows are notorious spiders identified by the colored, hourglass-shaped mark on their abdomens. I like spiders and all they do around the garden, and have a no kill policy toward them in general. Female black widows often exhibit various red markings on the dorsal or top side of the abdomen, commonly two red spots. However, my trouble are not over, because it turns out that they do have a venomous bite, apparently somewhat like a mild black widow bite.
I had an infestation of black widows at my old house (killed about a dozen over approx 2 years) but the only ones I have ever seen have been super shiny black with the red hourglass on their underside or two red spots on their back. But now, looking at your pic, I wonder if all of ours actually have the telltale red marking…body wise, our spiders look like your pic.
We’ve read that they are not as dangerous, and conversely, just a dangerous as the black ones.
The next day, the spiders were back at work, having made new webs and catching more insects. I did not sleep the first night there, moving from room to room, imagining black widows crawling in to my sleeping bag to kill me. Several species answer to the name, and they are found in temperate regions around the world.This spider's bite is much feared because its venom is reported to be 15 times stronger than a rattlesnake's. However, black widow young are believed to have at least some sort of marking on their abdomens. They are not black at all, but they do most certainly still have the red markings on the underside of their abdomen. I do agree with Andrea about the spiders, but I would take or send the spider in for identification to a county extension office. We have black widows and brown widows (or at least, the brown widow egg cases, so I assume the spiders are here somewhere). In our experience, black widows like very dry environments, so unless your worm bin is very dry, I wouldn’t expect to find them there.

Adult male black widows are half the size of the females, and are usually gray or brown rather than black and red; while they may sometimes have an hourglass marking on their ventral abdomen, it is usually yellow or white, not red.
Variation in specifics by species and by gender is great; any spider exhibiting a red hourglass or a pair of large red round spots on the ventral abdomen with an otherwise black shiny body is an adult female black widow. In fact the Widow I am holding in my hand right now along with her egg case was found on the ground today in a pile of discarded wood.
Black widows build super strong webs (almost like fishing line)-that’s how we initially ID them.
It isn’t quite as bad as a black widow but it is much worse than our other venomous spider in Alabama the brown recluse! Neither I nor my wife have any fear of spiders because we know that they are not going to bite. Also, female black widows will be a very glossy dark black, not a muted brown like the one in your picture. Black widows are solitary year-round except during this violent mating ritual.These spiders spin large webs in which females suspend a cocoon with hundreds of eggs. There is always some sort of red on the abdomen of the females, and the males are brown with yellow on the abdomen. In 45 years I have never had a person who claimed to have been bitten able to describe the spider to me because not one of them ever actually saw the spider. Immature and male black widows look altogether different from the classic black widow momma shape. Black widow spiders also use their webs to ensnare their prey, which consists of flies, mosquitoes, grasshoppers, beetles, and caterpillars. Black widows are comb-footed spiders, which means they have bristles on their hind legs that they use to cover their prey with silk once it has been trapped.To feed, black widows puncture their insect prey with their fangs and administer digestive enzymes to the corpses.
By using these enzymes, and their gnashing fangs, the spiders liquefy their prey's bodies and suck up the resulting fluid.

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