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A broad similarity in coastlines with the Hereford map is clear in the Anglo-Saxon [Cottonian] World Map, c.1000 (#210), but there are no illustrations of animals other than the lion (top left). A few maps of the inhabited world were much more detailed, though keeping to the same broad structure and symbolism. In the garden there are redbacks, different orbs, leaf curlers, jumping spiders, wolf spiders and lots more large and miniscule.

Nice post… but you do have Brown Widows in Canada, and conceivably BRS, since I know you do import stuff and the little guys are somewhat notorous for hitching rides in nice dark shipping crates.
Despite some broad similarities in arrangement and content, however, there are very considerable differences from the Ebstorf and the 'Westminster Palace' maps in details - like the precise location of wildlife, the portrayal of some coastlines and islands, or in the recent information incorporated. They can be clear across the room in broad daylight & come right up to me before I kill them.

Today, the earliest survivor, dating from the beginning of the thirteenth century, is a badly damaged example now in Vercelli Cathedral, probably having been brought to Italy in about 1219 by a papal legate returning from England.

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