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Pouring a small amount of boric acid or diatomaceous earth (A light soil containing siliceous diatom leftovers) in spots where these bugs gather can keep them away for some time. Here are some Boxelder Bug Pictures that will give you an idea about the appearance of the insect.
I have alot of these bugs in my bedroom so I wont sleep in there I am traumatized by these bugs ive had so many of them.. This Boxelder Bug spray can be applied on the bugs from a distance thus taking them by surprise and killing them instantly.

In Spring, these bugs gather on sunny regions of bricks or sides of homes in groups of 50 to 200. Install copper mesh or spray foam in your windows and doors to prevent entry of these bugs. It is best to use this chemical on those Boxelders that gather in big groups during the Spring season. When Spring arrives, the bugs leave their hibernation spots to lay eggs on leaves and barks of ash or maple trees.

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