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The emerald ash borer, Agrilus planipennis a beetle native to China, Japan and Korea was introduced into North America in the Great Lakes area in the early 1990's and populations were identified in 2002.
As a homeowner living in Minnesota just outside the range of emerald ash borer, I started to research the treatments being offered by local tree care companies. Imidacloprid, sold under the trade names Merit, Xytect, Optrol, ArmorTech, Enforce, Hawk-I, Turfthor, Malice, Premis, Criterion, Hunter, Submerge and Touchstone is typically applied as a soil drench or soil injection annually as a preventative treatment for emerald ash borer.

The Effects of Neonicotinoids on Honey and Bumble Bees.Vera Krischik, Entomology, University of Minnesota. The city of Minneapolis now recommends replacing ash trees on residential properties rather than treating them due to the environmental risks from the treatments including, leaching into the surface or ground water, uptake by other plants visited by pollinators for nectar and pollen and non-target effects on woodpeckers feeding on EAB larvae.

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