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Finally I did some research and discovered that they are Argentine Ants, an invasive species that can be found all over the United States, especially California where I live. I used the following recipe and the ants were so excited about it that they stopped colonizing my Jerusalem artichoke with aphids and concentrated on taking the bait back to the nest instead.
And the best part is, while borax may be poisonous, this trap is set up so that your pets and other wildlife can’t get to it. We discovered last year with an ant invasion in our kitchen that the orange oil air freshener (the stuff that is just orange oil) I was using out of desperation to interrupt the scent trail works awesome to actually kill them. Hopefully we don’t have to deal with ants at the new house, but here in California, I’ve learned otherwise!
This is a great idea, especially since I have Borax on hand that I use to make laundry detergent. I had a stream of ants yesterday in me yard, made the solution, put out the can and the ants are totally gone today. I work in the early childhood field and we’ve long made GaK from a mixture of borax, white glue, and water. Black ants i have a problem wit i know its summer they come out more, but its so frustrating !!

Diatomaceous Earth used for swimming pool filters snuffed the hardest nest of cut ants in Texas.
Unlike sugar ants, which will go to any ant bait and take it blithely back to the nest, these ants walked right past the commercial ant traps I put out. Dumping the water on the hill may have killed off a number of ants, even the queen, but there were eight more to take her place. I remember you mentioning that you had a lot of ants, but didn’t know the extent of your problem… yikes! Borax is also not as hard on other animals and plant as other types of poison either, which makes it a win in my book.
I wish I had discovered this a few months ago when my daughter’s pumpkin garden started and we were invaded by ants! I was reading that Vinegar is also a good organic option to use for killing ants immediately and for perimeter protection, so I decided I will try it. We’ve used boric acid before on ants, fleas (in the carpet- when we had carpet), and on a small but disturbing population of cockroaches. The pumpkins are just about done growing now, but we have a “fall crop” of watermelons that these ants are absolutely loving, so I am SO pinning this and trying it out ASAP!

Carpenter ants eat termites, so if they’re in your studio, you may need to make sure there are no termites.
Seems like it’s too early to have killed them all, but they do seem to not bother coming inside when they can get this outside instead. Also for fire ants I mix the borax with peanut butter since they are attracted to proteins. I’ve gotten pretty good at controlling aphids but the real problem was the ants putting the aphids on the plants, and I knew it. In my office room my desk was up close to a window (not opened)mind you, but as I started to type my keyboard came alive with massive amounts of ants pouring out. If I didn’t cut down the number of ants in my yard, this problem would keep coming back year after year.

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