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At this time of the year, when there has been a few frosts and the sun is weak, the most likely insect you are likely to see on the wing are bluebottles. We once had a squirrel die in the bathroom vent unbeknownst to us until one morning when my housemate observed bluebottle maggots raining down from the vent whilst reliveing himself!
It is the urban blowfly, Calliphora vicina, a very cold tolerant species which is the most common buebottle in the UK. Some companies have even used bluebottles for greenhouse pollination of various crops as they fly at lower temperatures than bees. They also act as dispersers of fungal spores, and some fungi, like Stinkhorns (Phallus impudicus) have specific adaptations to attract blowflies, releasing chemicals that smell like rotting meat.

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