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Tucked away along 63rd street in Brookside, his business is a residence painted entirely blue with little blue VW bugs sitting out back.
Since 1991, Excel Termite & Pest Control has helped over 20,000 New Jersey home owners exterminate their bed bugs and other pest infestations.
For professional bed bug extermination and control in NJ call Excel Termite & Pest Control! Excel Termite & Pest Control has proudly been providing expert pest control and bed bug extermination in Northern NJ since 1991.
List of areas we service in New York City and Long island including the pests we exterminate.

But what most people don’t remember is that Batman’s sidekick, the Blue Beetle, was in comic books that date back into the 1930s.
The Blue Beetle is buzzing with action.  Besides just everyday business, they are actively involved in the community. Over the years we’ve helped over 20,000 home owners manage and exterminate their pest problems. During the early stages of a bed infestation these pests are so tiny and in such small numbers its quite difficult for humans to detect.
When looking to launch his pest control company, he decided to name his business after this character.

In 2003, the Blue Beetle was birthed and now, today, is one of Kansas City’s top extermination companies. After working in the exterminator world for six months, Shipman noticed that pest control companies never had good business names and never focused on branding themselves or marketing their businesses very well.

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