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Strictly speaking, these small spider-like creatures aren't insects, but ticks are increasingly becoming an unpleasant feature of strolls through UK woods, moors or thick grass. Prevent tick bites: Wear long sleeves and trousers when you're walking in forested, overgrown areas and use a tick repellent.
What to do: If you think your home is infested with bedbugs (tiny black spots on your mattress and bed are a giveaway), get a pest control expert to treat it straight away. Although many people are terrified of spiders, the vast majority, like the black and yellow orb weaver on the right, are harmless and beneficial.
Spiders are beneficial because they're carnivorous, and most of our Ohio spiders have a special fondness for mosquitoes. At Dayton Pest Control, we encourage customers to think twice before killing spiders who are living outside their homes in out-of-the way places such as in bushes or under soffits. Most spiders are capable of biting, and many people are sensitive to the bites of even non-venomous spiders or spiders whose venom is usually considered weak. Most spider problems inside the home can be taken care of with nothing more than a vacuum cleaner or dust-buster.

In cases where you just have a whole lot of spiders, or if you're allergic to spiders, there are some things we can do to help reduce the problem. The symptoms caused by a black widow bit can last from three to five days -- not the kind of thing most people care to experience.
But again, black widows are unusual -- but not unheard of -- in Dayton, the Miami Valley, and most of Ohio. The bite of a brown recluse spider can cause reddened skin, followed by severe itching, followed by an open sore accompanied by dermal necrosis. Dayton Pest Control provides high-quality spider control in Dayton and Ohio's Miami Valley, including the cities and towns of Beavercreek, Bellbrook, Blanchester, Brookville, Carlisle, Centerville, Eaton, Englewood, Fairborn, Farmersville, Germantown, Gratis, Greenville, Kettering, Lebanon, Lewisburg, Medway, Miamisburg, Middletown, New Lebanon, New Oakwood, New Vienna, Port William, Sabina, Springboro, Springfield, Trotwood, Troy, Union, Vandalia, Waynesville, West Carrollton, Wilmington, and Xenia; and the Ohio counties of Butler, Clark, Greene, Miami, Montgomery, Preble, and Warren. Why no long-lasting results: as soon as there are no more repellents, dogs that can scare away or traps that can catch, squirrels will get back, which means that the preventing measures should be taken regularly.
Although spiders have no particular interest in biting humans, they don't hesitate to do so if, for example, we roll over onto them while we're asleep.
If you only have the occasional spider now and then, just vacuum it up and be done with it.

So if by chance you have a spider that looks like it might be a widow, you're a lot better off calling a professional. However, the majority of brown recluse bites do not result in this reaction; and as we said earlier, brown recluse spiders are not common in Ohio, anyway. But if you have a serious or persistent problem with spiders, or if you're sensitive to spider bites, please contact us for a no-obligation consultation.
According to the Natural History Museum, false widow spiders, so-called because of their similarity to the more poisonous black widow spider, are the main culprits and typically give bites that cause pain, redness and swelling. Sometimes an exterior treatment with a low-toxicity insecticide that's repellent to spiders may be a better choice.

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