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Unlike the Black Widow, which lives across the entire United States, the Brown Widow is a southern species.
Brown widow spider - Black widows, though the most well-known of all venomous spiders, are not the only arachnids in the widow family. Brown widows appear to be occupying the same niche as black widows so therefore, there may be a shift in the species composition. Control of Brown Widows: There is no specific information regarding the control of brown widows by insecticides.
The brown widow spider can be found in much of the southern United States as well as a few other countries. They choose places that are more exposed than sites chosen by black widows and hence, appear to be at higher risk for interactions with humans as for as bites are concerned. Considering that the brown widow is less dangerous and may be supplanting the native western black widow from habitats, it is conceivable that the risk of serious injury from overall spider bite may decrease in southern California as the brown widow spreads.

Just two days ago I overturned an old piece of wood while planting an oak seedling, and lo and behold, there was a big fat black widow snuggled in a crack on the underside. This spider is brown with a yellow or orange hourglass shape on the underside of its abdomen.
It is thought to be as venomous as the black widow, but the black widow is capable of delivering a larger dose of venom to its victim. I have heard it said that there isn't a house in southern California that isn't home to at least 15 black widows, despite the actions of paranoid home owners and the attempts of exterminators to eradicate the species from the planet. Though she is a desert creature, the Western Black Widow Spider, Latrodectus hesperus, seeks out dark, cool, and usually damp locations to spin her indefinite web.
Well needless to say, I started remarking about the spider using all sorts of colorful adjectives. Both widow spiders deliver neurotoxic venom, a substance that will affect the way neurons communicate within the body, eventually shutting down life-support functions like heartbeat and respiration.

Also, one should store garage items in zip closure plastic bags where there might be interactions with spiders.
Identifying and locating brown widows can be done by finding their characteristic eggs sacks which look like small balls covered in spikes. The male is small and greyish while the much larger female is usually a glossy black, with a red (though sometimes orange or even yellow) hourglass marking beneath her bulbous shiny abdomen.

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