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Few nights ago I was watching the CP24 news about the Black Widow spider that was found in a bag of grapes. All photographs were taken on the grounds of Aurora, Ontario, Canada, unless otherwise specified. Leanne Rush and her family handed over this live black widow spider to the Northwestern Health Unit Wednesday after discovering it in a bag of Castle Rock Vineyard grapes they purchased at the Canadian Wholesale Club in Kenora, Ont. A northern Ontario family all had their hands in a bag of red grapes when a black widow spider crawled out on top of it. Rush brought the spider to Kurtis Casey, a public health inspector with the Northwestern Health Unit.
Though Casey said the find is common enough that Health Canada has a standard procedure on taking action, it's certainly uncommon to see a black widow so far north. California-based Castle Rock Vineyards relayed media requests to Loblaw Canada, the parent company of the Wholesale Club.
An entomologist is taking a bite out of tales being woven about a scourge of black widow spiders entering Canada.
Antonia Guidotti, an entomology technician at the Royal Ontario Museum, says while black widow sightings make headlines, Ontario is not exactly undergoing a scourge of the famed eight-legged arachnids.

Guidotti says even if one should have the misfortune of encountering a black widow, the spiders present a much smaller danger that we've been led to believe.
The species that has been spotted in Ontario is the latrodectus variolus, the Northern Black Widow. In the remote chance that someone comes across one of these spiders -- and even in the more remote chance that one is bitten by one, it's not as though someone would die instantly. The symptoms of a black widow spider bite are muscle cramps and stomach cramps that last a few hours to a few days. In those who develop more serious effects, such as difficulty breathing, antivenom can be administered, though, admittedly, there isn't much of it Canada since black widow spider bites are so rare. Guidotti says the bottom line is that while Canadians might want to keep an eye out for the rare spider, there is no reason for fear.
Antonia Guidotti, an entomology technician at the Royal Ontario Museum, speaks on CTV's Canada AM, Thursday, July 23, 2009.
Casey confirmed it was a black widow and notified the Canadian Wholesale Club store, where Rush made the purchase. Loblaw director of corporate affairs for Western Canada, Craig Ware, apologized for the inconvenience and reassured customers health and safety are paramount concerns to the company.

Even if you come across one, if it's not the female, it's harmless; the male black widow - which is actually brown, not black - doesn't bite and doesn't have venom.
She's shiny black, with a large abdomen and a red or yellowish marking on the underside of her belly. The markings on Northern Black Widow spiders differ in that the two triangles do not touch to form the classic hourglass shape.
While in some black widow species the red mark is in the form of an hourglass, in the Northern Black Widow, the abdomen markings are two red triangles whose tips don't quite touch.
And the risk if you come across one is very small," she assures, speaking to Canada AM Thursday.

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