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The carpenter ant is one of the largest of all the types of ant, ranging between a sixteenth of an inch to half an inch in length.
The most significant difference is that termites will destroy perfectly beautiful wooden furniture, whereas the carpenter ant is not at all interested in healthy, dry wood and will only nest in damp rotting wood. Carpenter ants - Economic importance because of the damage they do to structures, the food they contaminate and their unsightly and unwanted movement. Each year other wood destroying insects such as the carpenter bee damages wood by boring into wood up to 3 meters or 10 feet.

They are skilled carpenters and their wooden homes are perfectly smooth and rounded, sanded to perfection, and they leave no mess, no splinters, sawdust, chippings or other debris cluttering up the place.
They are however, very different in appearance to termites, they are black and red in color in contrast to most termites’ dull sandy brown. There are 2 to 3000 thousand ants per colony, this takes 3 to 6 years to have a colony this size. Warmth ends the hibernation and the ants are looking to feed, mate and nest, completing the nature driven life cycle.

Termites swarms are something unique to see, the insects numbering in the thousands while ant swarms are significantly smaller involving individual ants in the hundreds.

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