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The use of falcons to keep bird pests away from people and buildings has been in use for over fifty years. Service changed the laws allowing falconers to use their birds in a commercial setting as a means of deterring bird pests. All birds fear the falcon and quickly realize that the falcon is in the area, and hence, they stay away.
Our site-specific BIRD TRAPPING PROGRAM involves the strategic placement of live capture traps on rooftops or other areas of preferred roosting.
Sea gulls are intelligent birds existing in great numbers along coastal areas, as well as inland lakes and rivers.

Flocks of gulls often create hazardous conditions for low flying aircraft and can cause bird strikes around airports. This product provides an effective and affordable solution for pigeons or larger size birds. Birds attempting to land on the track will receive a low voltage shock which prevents them from roosting.
So in closing; I have nothing but good things to say about Rick and the whole AGPEST Bird Divi- sion. San Jose and white peach scale, the key into the United States in the San Jose valley of California in 1870.

The most practical way to control the San Jose scale in in -fested plantings is by spraying. Humane control can be achieved by modifying our environments to prevent the birds from accessing specific areas.

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