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One of the most commendable agricultural projects was to set up barn owl and kestrel nesting boxes as part of a national effort to introduce a natural biological pest control method of rodents in fields and orchards. It has been well documented that chemical agents used to kill targeted species, such as herbicides, pesticides and rodenticides, inevitably hurt and often kill other species through toxic exposure that becomes more potent as it accumulates in the tissues of organisms that are higher up on the food chain. In Israel, an innovative system of controlling destructive rodents has been developed by encouraging barn owls and common kestrels to nest in the agricultural fields where the pests typically consume enormous amounts of valuable crop species. When you donate to Project Bird Box Israel, you are not only providing a home for the barn owls and common kestrels, but you are also contributing vital support to the livelihoods of local farmers.

We fight this pest everyday therefore we have extensive experience using rodent control methods. The best option is to minimize the use of chemical control of pests, yet there must be alternative solutions to controlling and eradicating species that are highly destructive to agriculture.
Luckily, we do have a harmless solution to the problem, the farmers’ best friends: the barn owl and the common kestrel, birds of prey that significantly reduce rodent populations in agricultural areas. When this happens, they naturally diminish the rodent populations by hunting them on a very large scale.

Barn owls are active at night (nocturnal), and a pair of them and their nestlings consume between two to six thousand rodents annually. Common Kestrels are small falcons that take over during the day (diurnal), by hunting rodents when the barn owls are asleep.

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