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Rats and mice are rodents that scavenge for their food. Marijuana plants are an example of such rodent food.
It does sometimes happen , however, since rats require an entire third of their weight in food every day. Like all rodents, mice and rats have front teeth that continuously grow throughout their lives. While rats and mice can be rather annoying, they generally won’t threaten the livelihood of your crop. Another way of inviting mice and rats near your home is having a bird feeder that is low to the ground.
Since then, I have grown up, and I no longer have sympathy for the rats (although I still enjoy the movie with my kids). Allstate Animal Control experts have several methods of eliminating rats and mice, squirrels, raccoons, you name it . Rats and mice live and thrive based on food supply and secluded, warm places for them to hide. Pet food and water dishes left out overnight can attract rats from the entire neighborhood.
Let our rodent prevention expert point out conducive conditions around your home that might be attracting rodents. As mice and rats enter homes seeking food and warmth they spread trouble from the day they enter.

While trapping and baiting strategies can remove rodent infestations, they do NOT eliminate the contamination or potential for disease transmission.
Structural rodent proofing has been proven to be the BEST and permanent way to successfully eliminate rodent access and prevent interior rodent contamination.
Our Rodent Proofing System is designed specifically for Douglas and Lane County homes and really works.
Rats that are released into areas where there are no humans will have a poor chance at survival. There are humane and efficient ways, but even those methods have specific steps that must be followed. Luckily for you, rats generally weigh less than one pound, and mice weigh in far below that. One way of doing this (besides population the area with outside cats) is to make sure you contain your compost in a box or bucket with a tight lid. Clamping down on the food supply and eliminating protected hiding places can push rodents away from Lane County homes.
At best they provide a band-aid solution with frequently repeated need for rodent control efforts. This system has been successfully implemented on large homes, small homes and commercial buildings throughout Eugene and Roseburg with guaranteed success. If they aren’t, it’s basically like sending rats and mice a formal invitation into your home.

While such a product is not likely, here are some guaranteed tips to drive rodents away from your home.
Rats are nuisance animals, and because of their need to live near people, live trapping and relocation are not recommended. This allows rats and mice alike to confidently squeeze through tiny holes and reach your basement or attic in search of some delicious treats.
Rats and mice would have a lot of gum pain and difficulty walking if they allowed their teeth to continue growing.
If you have an eye for detail, you might be able to discover where rats have been scuttling across the ground. If the rat eats the poison and retreats back to your home, and then dies there, you will have some pungent dead meat odors plaguing your home.
It is tempting to try an owl statue in this situation, but these decoys are not affective against bold, nuisance rats. Rats will be reluctant to come investigate if they have to cross an open expanse to get to the garden.

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