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England, Scotland, and Ireland are represented as on the portolan charts of the period, over each of which flies a pennant. To tackle this question, it is necessary to hypothesize on the mapmaker’s intentions and study the way he handles the space on his map. A standard way of describing the earth, from Bede to the Catalan Atlas (#235), was to compare it to an egg. Marco Polo called it the Sea of Ghel, or Ghelan, since Gilan, the city whence silks came, was to the Italians the best-known city on its shores. This monster is said to attack the ships of the Indians, usually breaking them immediately, but its crest can get stuck in the ship's wood and as a result the creature, unable to escape, kills itself.
The large island Dek, or the Holy Daga Island, dedicated to Saint Stephen, is now inhabited by hermit monks, and to it the outside world is not admitted.
Van Duzer adds that Tafur’s account derives from Poggio Bracciolini’s Facetiae, written between 1438 and 1452, which describes a very similar monster that attacked some women by the seashore, and was killed and exhibited in Ferrara.

The other [story relates] that certain of their trees bear fruit which, decaying within, produces a worm which, as it subsequently develops, becomes hairy and feathered, and, provided with wings, flies like a bird.
A mountain is indicated with a deep valley out of which a bird flies, having a piece of meat in its beak, and out of the same valley a river flows which in its course forms the boundary between India and China.
Most of the roads on my way home from work were under water.  September 30, 2010 Just got home from the Salmon River, Pulaski, NY. The guyI was fishing withused plenty of flies with smaller bucktail flies doing most of the damage. There are plenty of out of the way smaller streams that are teeming with Smallmouths, Carp and a variety of Panfish. Take some cold water with you !!!Your best way to keep the water cool is to freeze a bottle or two of water the night before you head out.
Temperature wise, if it is 90 degrees outside, pretty sure most, if not all of the local trout waters will be at 70 degrees or higher.

We don't wantto kill the trout.The trout that survive through the summer will offerus great fishing in the fall. Stopped at Manatawny Creek on the way home just in time for the skies to open up again. June 12, 2010 What a crowded day. My favorite is a "John's Spring Creek Pupa" tied in size 18 and 20 (Trout Flies of The East--page 93).
Cast down and across and hop the flies upoff the bottom with quick upward lifts of the fly rod.The fish would really strike hard.

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