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We bought these granules that the ants took back to their nest and it seemed to get rid of them.
How rid ants – solve ant problem, Follow this step-by-step guide to get rid of ants -- and keep them out!
Video: rid flying ants ehow, Flying ants real problem, step rid finding nesting baits kill . The popular children's song, The Ants Go Marching, begins a progression of a single ant marching through ten rather tedious verses, finally ending with the ants marching 10 by 10, and the little one proclaiming this is, "The End!"Sadly, ants in the RV never go marching singly, and rarely by the 10s. I found that a small amount of Boric Acid mixed with a little water and put in soda pop lids in out of the way places will keep these peskey things out of your camper.
I had read about using a flea collar so I cut into 4 strips and put on my tires and kept the ants out.
I had read about using a flea collar so when I had ants I got one and cut it into 4 lengths and put them on my tires, no more ants. Talcum powder works wonders,can circle your picnic area with it & ants won't cross the line.
The boric acid idea works and it doesn't hurt the environment if it gets washed away (which you should do when you leave the site). I tried all the non toxic methods but the California ants crossed them all, (I watched them). Diatomaceous earth is a fine powder that kills ants by pulling all the moisture from their bodies.
Some baby powder brands are made of corn starch, so they will not work effectively against ants. If you do accidentally leave something out, take the opportunity to trace the trail of ants back to their source. If the huge wave of ants is bigger than you can handle, try getting friends or exterminators to help.
If you are dealing with red ants, you may want to step out of it and call an exterminator to take care of them.

It works by absorbing moisture from the ant itself, but it's best used in dry environments. It has a similar drying-out effect on ants, especially if they carry it back to their nests.
Talc in various forms is thought to deter ants, although the mechanism is poorly understood. Then, vacuum some talcum powder or diatomaceous earth to finish off the ants inside the vacuum cleaner. If the ants are all over the floor, throw some water over them and wipe them up with a paper towel. These ants are coming into your home because there is something there for them: a food source or a warm environment. Even if you've stashed your food in a cupboard, ants can still find their way in through the smallest of holes.
A bait that's too strong will kill the ants before they make it home, and a bait that's too weak will only weaken the colony temporarily. Remove any deterrents, if you used them; the idea of baiting is to attract the ants so that they'll defeat themselves.
A large, black, moving column of ants, working its way across the RV from a crack near the entry door, across the flooring, up the wall cabinet, and into the kitchen sink.
Some of them of are easy to identify; others will only be discovered when there's a parade of ants marching through them. Tailor's chalk and baby powder usually contain talc, so you can use them to create a barrier for ants.
If you only kill part of the colony, you may simply encourage some species of ant to establish new colonies – which ultimately won't stop ants from coming into your home. This second step is important: make sure that the ants don't survive their trip into the vacuum! Boric acid affects ants both externally (when in powder form; similar to diatomaceous earth) and internally (when ingested).

If you have pets or small children, leave the bait in a container that will allow ants to enter, but isn't wide enough for larger creatures to get at the poison. First, figure out where the ants are entering the house: follow the trail of ants to see where they're entering and leaving your home.
When ants try to climb over the tape, they may stick to the adhesive – effectively stopping them in their tracks. The ants bring the poison (borax or boric acid) with them to the colony and spread it around. Keep moving it further from your kitchen and closer to where the ants are entering your home. Crush one side of the can, but leave a gap that is just thin enough for ants to get inside.
A high powered spray specifically designed for invading ants made fairly quick work of the invading forces.
Ants are clever creatures--they send out scouts who scurry about the territory, looking for suitable food and water sources. Your proboscis won't pick up on it, but to the ants, it's an irresistible essence that must be followed--by hundreds of the scout's fellows. Clever researchers took a dilute form of their pheromone and painted on the paper, then turned the ants loose. In any event, get out the Comet and shake a good border around everything of your rig that touches the ground: Tires, landing gear, stabilizers, cords, and hoses.
Of course, if the rains fall you may need to renew your magic circle, but while the powder's out, the ants are gone.

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