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You will need a can of WD40 spray, the one with the long sprayer tip at the end works best.Spray the WD40 into each bee hole. This is what has worked for me and has kept them away.Get a bottle of De-Solv-it (at Wal-Mart or Ace Hardware), and DAPtex Plus Multi-Purpose Foam Sealant (shoots with a straw that comes with it). It is the only one I've found where you can rinse out the straw and spray nozzle with warm water, and reuse.
I took up all my azaleas and other flowers, hoping the bees would move on, but that seemed to make no difference at all!

Also, most of their holes are underneath my porch railing in an area too tight to get a shot into the holes with any kind of spray. I have resorted to standing guard with bee spray and flyswatter, taking out one bee at a time.
Using the stream setting, spray vinegar into the hole until it runs out and then stuff it with cotton or anything that will plug the hole. This year for the new holes, I am going to use the vinegar and instead of cotton I will use steel wool to plug the holes.

We removed that last year and the bees are continuously coming around looking for the patio cover.

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