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Please Share This Page: Please be sure to Join our email list and receive all our latest and best tutorials daily – free! Don’t like the idea of killing ants,best to use a barrier to stop them getting into your house.
I also use talcum powder, it doesnt actually kill them but stops then getting in anywhere where the talcum powder is sprinkles.
When my wife was pregnant years ago I didn’t want her exposed to poison and we had a problem with sugar ants. I tried boiling water, cornmeal, homemade orange oil & they just kept coming back (fire ants) The boiling water kills the grass though. We have little ants that like savory treats nothing sweet, they are a pest at the pet food dishes, I’ve placed the food dishes inside a flat plastic plate, added water to the plate ans now they drown when they try to get to the pet food, but they don’t stay away!
I have used mint tooth paste like caulking around the tube work good to, Baby power works,vinegar will kill weeds and grass,flower, plants so be careful, also wash your fruits and veg in apple cider vinegar for 10 minutes will take wax and pesticides, dirt off, Grits work on bull ants best they eat it a blow up inside and fed to the queen she will die so will the rest,it a slow killer but it works in about 2 week all be gone.

Ants can definitely be difficult to get rid of and a lot of the natural remedies are really only temporary fixes. Kills them right away and if you sprinkle around where they are getting in it keeps them away. We found the little kitchen ants coming in a window, laid cucumber peel on the sill and the ants left. The worker ants (and soldier ants, and nursery ants, and scout ants, etc) are all sterile females.
They will trouble us like anything.So following some home remedies is always the best thing. So far I found using sea salt as a barrier works and I pour it on the ants nests as well as break the soil around the entrances of the homes and replace it with salt. Oh all most for got Hot bowling water works on ants and also malted aluminum can very hot,pour on ant hill carefully and watch what happens let cool dig up aluminum rinse off dirt on the harden aluminum and clean well and you have ant art so cool.

But there are way more of them than we generally realize: Ants make up an astonishing 15 to 25% of the biomass of land animals!!
Some species of ants, such as the Pharaoh Ant, are blamed for spreading dangerous bacteria, including Staphylococcus. One of the most popular methods of getting rid of ants involves using poisons – however in addition to the cruelty of this kind of chemical warfare, it can involve spreading highly toxic substances in your home.
Don’t leave unwrapped food, partially consumed food, leftovers and bagged food (they can get in!) laying around.

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