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Physical characteristics of carpenter ants - they are large in size and normally black in color.
So, getting rid of it you have to locate the source of ants and also the source of their interest. Then you have to take decision for choosing the technique of removing carpenter, because it is very essential.
If you still want to remove those devils by yourself then do some research and find out the best pesticides used by most of the people and also for the technique of using that. I’m always on the look out for new knowledge, so that I can use that for me and also share with my friends. Maxforce Carpenter Ant Bait Gel Maxforce carpenter ant bait gel is very effective for controlling carpenter ant infestation. We provide the consumer with effective pest control products and educate him or her on how to use them safely and properly. Customized Pest Control Solutions to Protect Your Business   Greenleaf Pest Control provides comprehensive and cost-effective commercial pest control solutions that allow you to safeguard your business from insect and rodent infestation. If You’ve Got an Ant Problem, We’ve Got Your Solution   Everybody expects ants to show up at a picnic. Toronto Pest Control Professionals Who Deal with Birds in Humane, Safe, and Legal Ways   At Greenleaf Pest Control, we acknowledge that all wildlife, including birds, play a vital role in the beautiful and well-balanced Ontario eco-system.
Majestic Canadian Geese Can Cause Serious Problems for Toronto Homeowners and Business Owners   Ah, the haunting cry of the Canadian goose that flies south for the winter – it’s a subject fit for poets. Exclude the Possibility of Pest Problems Before They Enter the Picture   Pests like insects, rodents, and other wildlife can introduce health risks to your home or business, as well as the general aversion that most people have to them.
Mice, Rat, and Rodent Control in Vaughan and the Greater Toronto Area   In addition to the threat of disease that can be introduced into your home by rodents, they can also damage the physical structure, too. The carpenter ant is the most common pest encountered in homes throughout Canada and northern United States.
They get their name from the fact that they possess great carpenter skills that allow them to cut, groove, tunnel, and sand through decaying wood in order to build a series of galleries and tunnels in which they live. A carpenter ant colony cannot survive without a stable source of moisture: outside, they may seek shelter in dead limbs of trees, stumps, and moist landscape timbers, while indoors, their colony is likely to be set up in a poorly ventilated, overly wet environment, such as attics and crawlspaces. They are often mistaken for termites due to their preference for tunneling in decaying wood, but unlike these, they don’t eat the wood as well.
Inside the house, carpenter ants feed on protein, sugar, meats, pet food, sugary drinks, grease, jelly, and other sweets. Homeowners are more likely to signal an infestation once they encounter carpenter ant workers and winged ants inside the house.

Finding carpenters ants inside your home doesn’t necessarily mean that their colony is located inside. The best control method for carpenter ant infestations is to locate and destroy the nest, while correcting moisture problems and removing food sources.
The most effective approach is to eliminate the moisture source they depend on for feeding and reproduction. Remove branches and vines that come into contact with the exterior of your house or with telephone and electrical lines – carpenter ants are likely to travel from branches to the wiring and find their way inside the house. Never allow parts of your house to remain moist for prolonged periods – try to mend roofs, flashing, downspouts, and gutters when they need repairs. Place moisture barriers in places where ants are likely to be seen: crawlspaces, under wooden porches and decks, and make sure these areas are properly ventilated. Seal food in containers and implement good sanitary practices to discourage future ants from venturing inside. In most of the cases, it is preferable for a specialized pest control professional to treat carpenter ant infestations. The formulations of baits our technicians use are in a style that rodents are forced to eat and not store. This will provide a long-term solution and a pest free environment for you and your family. If you are looking for a great tree this year, stop by and see our beautiful Christmas Trees.  Trees sizes range from apartment size and up. From all of us at Ford’s Hometown Services, have a wonderful Thanksgiving and safe travels. That’s a reasonable response, as wasps have a well-earned reputation for stinging without provocation. There are numerous species of carpenter ants that may be encountered infesting homes, schools, hospitals, and commercial buildings, but the most common types are the black and red carpenter ants. Winged reproductive forms (including queens) don’t differ too much from workers in color and shape, but their length can exceed 1 inch. It is not unusual for workers to travel up to 100 yards from their nest in order to find food sources.
Inside the buildings, ants are likely to build satellite nests in walls, doors, and other hollow spaces that permit the setup, or on the exterior surfaces of the house, such as porches and decks.
The workers are looking for food and they can be seen forming a trail in areas where food is stored (kitchen, pantry, etc.), while the swarmers are on the lookout for a new nesting site, so they are a sign that the current colony has matured and is ready to establish new colonies. Workers may venture inside the house to forage for food and then take it to an outside colony, while queens may find their way inside to look for a good place to set up their nest.

However, removing an ant nest is a challenging task, best performed by licensed pest control professionals who have the knowledge and resources to eliminate the problem at its source.
For nests hidden behind walls or inside hollow doors and attics, it is required that a pest control professional drill holes inside those surfaces and apply an insecticidal dust.
This is a solution that can be applied for outdoor nests that cannot be destroyed through physical control methods.
Aside from their knowledge and expertise in carrying out thorough inspections of properties, locating nests, and baiting the traps properly, they have experience in using toxic substances to kill the ants and not endanger the lives of other inhabitants.
We are getting many calls for wildlife removal, especially squirrels chewing their way into homes through eaves and into the attic. However, as you can see from the information above, mice do not belong in your home and need to be controlled. The red carpenter ant is of a dark brownish-black color on its lower body and reddish-brown on its upper body, while the black ant’s body is dark brownish-black all over. The carpenter ants’ body has a very slim waist and is constricted between the abdomen and thorax; the antennae are elbowed (bent and in sections).
While they do bite on wood to create galleries and tunnels for their nests, they do not eat it. Carpenter ants are more likely seek shelter inside your home during part of the year and then move outdoors at other times. Because workers ingesting the toxic bait will continue to live for days and sometimes weeks, they will share the bait with the rest of the colony, enabling the spreading of the bait through trophallaxis (an ant regurgitates the contents of its stomach to feed another ant). They also have access to specialized equipment and substances that will guarantee the complete removal and prevention of carpenter ant infestations. It is very hard to get rid of carpenter ant, because they will refuse to leave your property while trying to remove them. Because, they have such type of collection of pesticides which are not available in public market.
Once you make sure you are dealing with a carpenter ant infestation, your next steps should be locating their nest and figuring out the extent of the infestation. Mice can squeeze into holes as small as a pencil and will use existing gaps in bulkheads and garage doors for quick entry.

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