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Remember The Trap Man gives you E mail help for as long as you own your trap, just quote your invoice number. I got a mouse in a trap once, and it was still alive its back was broken and we let it got. Marble has it right, i use unbaited snap traps with the ( large plastic) trigger 90 degrees to the wall or 45 degrees to a corner. It's easy with our Live Catch Rat Cage Trap made of long lasting galvanised steel mesh which is rust proof.

I got the OEM trap no modifications though, covered with a cut-off bucket (I didn't want a cat or kid getting it) and used some bacon strip as bait. Our Live Capture Rat Cage Trap measures 40cm x 27cm x 28cm and comes fully assembled and ready for easy use. The Live Catch Rat Cage Trap is for catching and trapping rats humanely without harming them.
This humane rat trap has a solid top with a carrying handle so the trap can be easily picked up and transported.

If I were to use it, I am sure I'd have a rat head-trophy hanging by the chimney by now.

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