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Countryside Pest providing pest removal solutions that are proven safe for your family, home, pets and the environment. Arizona does not have the infamous Brown Recluse (Loxosceles reclusa) Spider but it does have other closely-related Loxosceles species collectively known as Arizona Brown Spiders which are also venomous. There are quite a few species of Orb-Weaver Spider (Araneidae) in Arizona, but not often in the desert during dry times of the year. In the case of all suspected Spider infestations, please allow us to handle the issue for you—especially when you are unsure of the type Spider in or near your property. Your WATTS Pest Prevention technician will be involved closely with you to educate you regarding Spider Control, ensuring you are aware of what you must do to assist us with a successful plan.
IMPORTANT NOTICE: Spider Control products, if misused, can potentially poison or otherwise harm you, your children, or your pets. PLEASE NOTE: These Pesticides are only permitted for use by your licensed Spider Control professional! Montreal area insect and pest control company cockroach, carpenter ants and silverfish treatment and elimination as well as several extermination related services including spider, fly, bee and silverfish control. Below are indications on how to identify a particular insect that needs our pest control and extermination services. If your home has an insect problem and you’re located in the Greater Montreal Area including Laval or the South Shore, the exterminators from Protex can take care of it. Call us and find out why we are the best exterminator for carpenter ants, cockroaches, spiders and for any type of insect in Laval, Montreal or the South Shore.
This spider disguises itself as a pile of bird poop so that it’s predators wont want to eat it. This spider builds traps in bark and burrows in the ground and soon as something draws near it pounces out of its hidden trap and attacks.
This spider gets it’s name not because it eats peacocks but because it displays similar magnificent colors when trying to attract a mate. This spider has giant horns sticking out of his head and when combined with a red face on his body it looks like the devil himself!!
Next time you try to pick up a cute ladybug be careful because it might really be a spider in disguise.
This spider has one of the best camouflages in the spider kingdom, it can mimic a tree stump perfectly and lies in wait to catch unaware insects that pass by.
Thankfully the tail of this spider does not have the same sting as a scorpion and is instead used to help disguise the spider as a twig.
Nature wasn’t satisfied with spiders being scary enough so created this spiny yellowy creature.
Many birds and wasps stay clear of ants because of their aggressiveness and strength in numbers and so some spiders have developed the ability to disguise themselves as ants to keep predators away.

This spider’s defense is a happy smiley face on his back, maybe they have heard that some people are scared of clowns.
This freaky spider is also known as a whip spider and prefers to feed on wandering spiders rather than other insects. These spiders are the Picassos of the spider world, they have been seeing making shapes in their webs to decorate them. Next time you go to smell a beautiful be careful as there may be a spider hiding in there waiting to jump out at you. These spiders have learned how to float on the water and pluck out their prey as it swims past. Meet the largest spider in the world, insects aren’t enough to satisfy this spider so it feeds on birds.
Spiders, Termites, Fire Ants, Fleas & Ticks, Cockroaches, Rodents, Wasps, and a number of other invaders invade our homes and drive us crazy! There are a lot of common household spiders that are harmless, but there are two spiders in Oklahoma that can be Dangerous to you and your home. But small and young Spiders can travel for many miles carried through the air by a breeze—a method of travel called ballooning. Arizona Brown Spiders have toxic venom that can cause renal failure in very rare cases, and because the venom is necrotizing—it can eat away your flesh, causing ulceration and permanent scarring. Lynx Spiders do not build webs, instead they lurk among the flowers, and just like a cat, pounce on their unwary prey. The Tarantulas here spend most of their time in underground burrows; but during the summer, the males emerge after dark to look for females.
Your WATTS Pest Prevention technicians are trained on both Spider basics and the latest control techniques. A systematic and integrated process for achieving long-term, environmentally sound Spider management must incorporate numerous chemical and non-chemical tools to achieve success.
Besides having life threatening symptoms from the venom it also has a bizarre side effect, it can give erections in males for several hours.
Fossils have been found showing that this creature has been around for forty million years.
Countryside Pest(Your Friendly Neighborhood Spider-man) will eliminate these and virtually any other home invaders that have infested your Oklahoma City area home or property. It depends on the Spider being in the right position so the breeze draws out a line of silk from one of the spinnerets on its abdomen.
These Spiders are brown in color with a violin-shaped, dark marking on the cephalothorax with the neck of the violin pointing away from the head. The Funnel-Web Spiders found in Arizona are harmless to humans and very shy—rarely seen outside their holes.

In rare cases and depending on the type of Spider, bites can be fatal—especially to small children or the elderly. Your WATTS Pest Prevention technician is licensed by the State of Arizona and has been specially trained in the safe use of all products necessary to take care of your Spider Control problem.
Although occurrences were rare for a number of years, they have recently increased and now bed bug services are often required around the Montreal, Laval and South Shore areas. Brown recluse spiders can be found building webs in any corner inside or outside the house.
In Oklahoma, for the most part, the main termite that we deal with is called the Subterranean termite. The long, delicate strand of silk is carried high up into the air with the tiny Spider suspended at its end. These Spiders are often found in homes, and some of their favorite hiding places are in clothes or bedding. The Spiders venom kills the insect and helps digest it from the inside out, allowing the Flower Spider to suck it dry.
Funnel-Web Wolf Spiders (Hippasinae) build horizontal, funnel-shaped sheet webs that are used for both hunting and shelter. Many of these conspicuous Spiders are quite colourful or boldly patterned and easy to see because they often perch in their webs.
Large Wolf Spiders are very common here in the Sonoran Desert, where they are sometimes mistaken for some of our other large Spiders like Giant Crab Spiders (Olios spp.) or Tarantulas (Theraphosidae). This spider is commonly found in garages and basements, as these are often good areas for several insect and spider types.
Successfully controlling a bee problem requires certain skills, knowledge and experience from the right exterminator.
Orb-weaver Spiders have been known to build their webs directly across paths and trails, and although there is a chance of accidentally walking into one of these Spiders, they are not considered dangerously venomous. Wolf Spiders are nocturnal predators with excellent nighttime vision due to the light-reflecting crystalline tapetum layer in their large eyes. We are proud to offer our customers in Laval, Montreal and the South Shore the best bee and insect extermination service possible. If a Funnel-Web Wolf Spider detects the telltale vibrations of an insect on its web, it will race out of its hole and capture it. The Spider will then drag its prey back into its hole in order to eat it in relative safety.

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