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TheHobbit81, this trap design might work on wasps, but you would need to put a wasp lure in its capture jar. Related to Carpenter bees: If you are replacing the wooden boards that have been destroyed by these critters, go get yourself some curb-shopped white or light colored exterior grade paint and give your new lumber at least two coats on all surfaces (plus at least one finish coat in your color of choice) before installing. Got some of those little ants running around and I don't want to put out terro with cats that seem to know how to fit every crack that their heads can get into.

If you've ever had carpenter bees chewing on your house, this simply is Not A Question.
This kind of trap is selective in that it is not attractive to other kinds of bees, and unlike poisons, the trap will not harm any other insects. This photo shows two of the four slots made for pocket screws I used to attach the trap to the underside of the roof overhang.
It also kills only those carpenter bees that intend to attack the protected wooden structure.

I have seen no reports that carpenter bee populations are dwindling overall, and I wish no harm to those that choose not to attack my house.

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