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Kania Trap 2000 is currently certified for use under the Pest Act in the United Kingdom - Spring Trap Approval Order 1993. To achieve the best results the trap should be set close to either Bird Feeders or Nesting sites.
Traps can also be secured under roof eves, inside attics, or locations on houses where squirrels frequent. The best baits to use are un-shelled Peanuts, Hazelnuts (Filberts), Walnuts or other native nuts to your region.

Do not use meat bait for Squirrels or Opossums, as this will draw un-wanted species such as Racoons, House Cats, Dogs and other Non-Targets. Bait Stations, along with other Stop Buggn Rodent treatments, can be long lasting control methods against large families of outside Rodents. Mice and Rats gain access into and onto your property through any hole bigger than a quarter inch. With various techniques for catching mice at our disposal, we are prepared to stop any and all Rodents!

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