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Some baits will have a mouse in the trap fast or it could be days before you catch your first critter. If you believe you have a mouse infestation in your house, you might need to call an exterminator rather than using mousetraps as mice breed fast and mousetraps are most effective catching one mouse at a time. They'll get used to the peanut butter and will be coming back looking for more free yummy food. These work good in traps that have a food tray or small container that the sunflower seeds can sit in. If you're dealing with the problem of How to Get Rid of Mice in Walls you will need to try different baits in order to see what draws them out.

After a few days have passed, dab peanut butter on the mouse traps and place them it in the same area as you put the free food.
Chocolate is similar to sunflower seeds in that its harder and when the mice try to lift it up or eat it there will be enough flutter to set the trap trigger to catch the thieving mouse. Vanilla extract is an excellent bait because it emits a strong scent that draws rats and mice to it. This doesn't work very good with squirrel traps and mole traps as these rodents are attracted by different scents.
When the mouse begins gnawing at the sunflower seed bait the trap will go off and you've caught the mouse.

The mouse trap that works best with sunflower seeds in is the Ortho Press N Set or other similar device.

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