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I've disposed of 3 stinkbugs and about half a dozen of the boxelder bugs in the last two months.
Box elder bugs are plant feeding insects that usually utilize the seeds of box elder or maple trees for food. Question: We are being invaded by black beetle like insects with an orange-red marking on their backs.
Question: Hello, I live in southeast Michigan, and I found a common beetle, but I do not know what it is.

Question: I keep seeing these big flies that have orange tips on the front where the eyes are and an orange tip on the bottom.
If so, then the compost from my 6 cubic feet of Japanese beetle bodies should also be a good source of all three substances. Box elder bugs have been reported on oak trees and some other tree species, and may use these trees when there are few box elders in the area. I also have an ancient (but apparently immortal, that's another story) apple tree that has all kinds of stuff going on, I don't even know what all.

They have some chemicals (called pheromones) that help them to gather in large numbers, so oftentimes thousands of them will gather in one place to spend the winter.

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