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In all, we found a total of 145 species, 133 of these in North Dakota plus 12 others found only in Clay County on Sunday morning – a decent number, considering how few migrants there were.
Set in the remote arctic region of Northern Canada, this book takes readers on a harrowing canoe voyage that results in tragedy, redemption, and, ultimately, transformation.
One hundred years ago, Canadians went to the polls to decide the fate of their country in an election that raised issues vital to Canada's national independence and its place in the world. The Call to Arms is the first of six books in the series Upper Canada Preserved - War of 1812. In this first entry in the series, the focus is on the 1812 invasions of Upper Canada: the Battles of Detroit, Queenston Heights, and Frenchman's Creek, and features such figures as Major General Isaac Brock, Brigadier General William Hull, Major General Roger H. A black car is pulled from the Rideau Canal near Kingston, Ontario, containing the bodies of three girls— sisters Zainab, Sahar, and Geeti Shafia— along with their presumed aunt, Rona Amir Mohammad. In 1995, journalist Frank Owen began researching a story on Special K, a designer drug that fueled the after-midnight club scene. In all, we turned up a grand total of 162 species (including 5 somewhat tentative additions in parentheses).
They called themselves lumberers, shantymen, timber beasts, les bucherron -- and, more recently, lumberjacks, working in the vast forests of eastern Canada and British Columbia. He makes good money from Canadian editions, both legitimate and pirated (turns out Canadian piracies so incensed Mark Twain that he moved to Montreal for six months to gain copyright protection).

Canadians faced a clear choice between free trade with the United States and fidelity to the British Empire, and the decisions they made in September 1911 helped shape Canada's political and economic history for the rest of the century.
Each book in this battlefield-based chronicle combines the best of modern historical research with extensive quotations from original official documents and personal letters to bring to life this crucial period of Canada's early history. Well, it seems that it ended in a tie, with both MBWs coming up with 131 species combining their lists from Clay County (mostly Felton Prairie) and North Dakota (Stutsman & Kidder counties). If it weren't for his sharp ears, we probably would have missed the Baird's Sparrow, and I thank him for his assistance on this special MBWeekend.
Juan Enriquez and Steve Gullans, two of the world's most eminent science authors, researchers, and entrepreneurs, take you into a world where humans increasingly shape their environment, their own selves, and other species.
Canada 1911 revisits and re-examines this momentous turn in Canadian history, when Canadians truly found themselves at a parting of the ways.
This new insight that the capacity for remembering is housed in a specific brain area revolutionized the science of memory.
MBW II did have 1 more species on its Felton post-MBW than MBW I had on the Felton pre-trip (77 vs 76), and Kidder II had 3 more than Kidder I (117 vs 114), but again their composite totals ended up the same. Finally, he discusses how specific strands of anti-Semitism have arisen in the United States largely as a result of conflict between African-Americans and Jews, and how in Russia and Poland anti-Semitism is as strong as ever.
Club for more than a decade, Rabin uses specific books, songs, albums, films, and television shows as springboards for dissecting his Dickensian life story in his acclaimed memoir The Big Rewind.

It was Canada's first great modern election and one of the first expressions of the birth of modern Canada.
And combining both MBWs together, we found a grand total of 146 species between June 5 and 10. Unfortunately, birders can no longer expect to see Sprague's Pipit in this part of ND, another declining specialty which tends to be especially scarce in wet years (as during the past decade or two here), though we had a possible, distant, and uncertain sighting on Kidder I. Not just our bodies will be altered but our core religious, government, and social structures as humankind makes the transition to a new species, a Homo evolutis, which directly and deliberately controls its own evolution and that of many other species.
The poet Rudyard Kipling famously wrote at the time that this election was nothing less than a fight for Canada's soul. And then, at the age of 30, after returning home to Canada and apprenticing with Joseph Patrick Books, David Mason will find his calling.

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