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As Africanized honey bees (AHBs) continue to spread throughout Florida, the need for awareness and precaution will continue to grow, and the role of pest control operators will expand to accommodate the needs of the public. Although this type of nesting site may be the first choice for the bees, they certainly may nest at many other locations. Sites where colonies have been found include signs, eaves of buildings, hollow trees, abandoned vehicles, empty containers, fence posts, lumber piles, barbecue grills, utility infrastructures, old tires, tree branches, garages, outbuildings, sheds, walls, chimneys, playground equipment, etc.
The bees had set up home in a cosy box formed behind the shuttering enclosing the roof timbers.
The bees were some 5m off the ground so a scaffolding tower had kindly been put up and secured in place before I arrived. Having got this far, there was nothing to do but hope I had enough storage space for the nest and start sucking up the bees off the comb.
As soon as I got the bees home, we set about attaching the combs to the frames – a really messy job with this nest as the honey was going everywhere! Yes you can avoid all this mess, saving environment and the wonderful fruits and veggies that bees are responsible for. BEES: There are many different kinds, bees, wasps, yellow jackets, all non threatening normally.

Honey bees: A problem starts when they build the hive or nest in your wall or ceiling or roof.
Bumblebees, Sweat Bees, Mining Bees, and Leaf cutting Bees: The problem is apparent when you step on their nest in the ground and they sting to defend their nest. However, it is still important to take steps to bee-proof areas that would be of considerable interest to the bees and areas exposed to frequent human traffic. As the timber had shrunk and the mastic had fallen out over the years, a crack had formed allowing the bees entry. As it was a hot afternoon, the honey ran fast once the comb was cut so it wasn’t long before I was covered in honey and bees. You get swarms of bees, the honey attracts ants and others to dine, and the honey can run from the nest and create a mess. While European honey bees — the docile race of honey bee that beekeepers manage — generally only nest in enclosed areas, AHBs are more likely to construct exposed nests. AHBs, especially, have been known to nest almost anywhere, yet all honey bees favor certain sites over others. The family thought the bees had been there for about 6 weeks so I was expecting a box of comb and a box of bees to take away after a couple of hours of beevac-ing.

As soon as I had a look inside it became clear that the nest had been there for a lot longer than 6 weeks – there were several feet of comb and kilos of honey not to mention thousands of worried bees!
My first beevac cassette was full of bees after about an hour and half so I switched to my reserve and had soon filled this too.
Immediately there was a gratifying whoosh as bees exited to explore their new surroundings, followed by a clump of workers dragging out the body of a wasp that must have been sucked up at the site. Exterminators will leave at least a couple thousand Bees rotting in your walls and that is really stinky. The primary swarming season for honey bees occurs between the months of March and July, so it is vital to inspect weekly during these times as bees looking for a suitable nesting site and are most likely to move into an area. Examples are eaves under roofs, water meter boxes, manholes, electrical boxes, gutter down-spouts, or other holes in a structure that lead to open space inside a wall, etc.

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