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Like many I heard about Colony Collapse Disorder a few years back with Bees mysteriously vanishing.
Today I watched a nice documentary called Vanishing of the Bees which chronicled the tale from the beekepers angle and included information up through 2008. The notion is that the bees pick it up and feed their young and that over time the levels build up and damage the bees.

Now I’m not saying the keepers are bad, and there were examples of organic bee keepers, but those who were campaigning strongest for laws, were also those who routinely take their bees to the trough of chemical pesticides to make their living and were being impacted as a result.
This entry was posted in The Great Debate and tagged Bees, organic, pesticides by Sigfried. If the bee keepers really are concerned they should stop selling their bees out to pollinate such crops or any producer that can’t prove they don’t use them.

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