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The bumblebee and carpenter bees vary in color, but usually have a dark body with yellow or orange bands.
As a whole, hoverflies are one of nature’s most impressive flyers, as they possess the ability to hover and fly backwards.
Think of them in three categories honey bees, wasps or yellow jackets, and bumble bees or carpenter bees. Most in the Bay Area are all black and much larger and wider than yellow jackets and honey bees. He called back right away, made an appointment, actually showed up when he said he would and took care of the problem that day! Hoverflies typically have black and yellow stripes, much like bees, and wasps as a form of protection. This acts as a form of camouflage and helps the hoverfly avoid potential predators who think that they have the capability to sting.

The longer the male can stay hovering, and the stability of the hovering, are key components for mate selection among hoverflies. The honey bee typically ranges in color from black to orange or yellowish brown, with golden and dark banded stripes on their bodies.
When hovering, the hoverfly is constantly adjusting its wing pattern and frequency in each wing so that it may stay in the same location, even when it is windy. Bumble bees do not lose their stinger and can sting or bite multiple times. Like honey bees, they are very important pollinators of flowers of many plant species.
Honeybees are very social insects and large hives may reach populations of over 100,000 bees.
Carpenter bees will build homes in wood and will nest under piles of grass clippings or leaves, stones, and logs. The wax comb will start white, and will appear yellow and may turn brown to black after a year or longer.

Their nests are small compared to those of honey bees, with each containing only a few bees. Worker honey bees born in spring will live about 6 weeks while those in the autumn will survive until the following spring.
Bees swarm to duplicate and if the conditions are right can through a swarm of bees a week.

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