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Place the Carpenter Bee Trap over existing carpenter bee holes or in other areas of the structure where the sun shines directly. To use the Carpenter Bee Trap simply screw an empty plastic bottle into the trap and poke some small drain holes in the bottom to let rainwater out. I hung the Carpenter Bee trap on the sunny side of the house where carpenter bees are having a field day drilling my house. I found this trap to be useful to the problem i had with the bees.I do have to praise this product.
AThe carpenter bee trap has a flat top and one flat side so it may be screwed to wood directly over the existing carpenter bee holes. AWe think this question would be better answered by the creater of the trap to assist you in humanely removing them. Maybe I can get a vapid quasi-celebrity to walk around with a well-groomed bee in her handbag. With this many agitated bees, it seems like I should be able to take the concept of a flea circus up a notch.

Finally, if you have a better idea, I’m willing to sell these bees directly to the general public.
Or maybe you can keep the bees, train them to infest other houses in your neighborhood and then sell your neighbor a bee trap for like $20 more than you paid for them. Your heroic bees would reach even those who have been unreachable by our best forces in the past, and provide good PR in the form of honey for those who deserve it at the same time. As the only one of us that actually knows anything about nature I feel obliged to point out the fact that what you have in that trap is a yellow jacket. I caught 114 Carpenter bees in one week with a shrimp net and killed them with my favorite weapon, my shoes. If you wish to remove the wire, just push it out through the bottom of the carpenter bee trap. Not sure how many bees we have left after killing a handful with the water hose and a tennis racket! If you have a new structure and want to avoid a carpenter bee infestation, place the carpenter bee traps on corners and peaks of buildings for the best results.

Explain that each bee is hand-picked from another country but only a few are top contenders (OK, we sedate the bees and paint them in order to distinguish who’s who, but whatever). They fly into the Carpenter Bee Trap become trapped in the plastic bottle and their buzzing and natural scent attracts their carpenter bee friends to come and join them.
Carpenter bees really prefer the sunny side, so the carpenter bee traps will catch more carpenter bees on that side. He put it on the same rod that holds our humming bird feeder and it attracted a lot of bees. Turned out really good for the birds since they got to use the feeder, and the bees ended up in the trap.

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