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Without performing a honeycomb removal, future bee colonies have the potential to re-build in the same location due to familiar scents and honeycomb debris in the area. We offer complete Bee Removal Scottsdale and Bee Hive Removal in Scottsdale, Arizona and nearby cities.
SEEK SHELTER inside any enclosure such as a car, house, or other sealed building, where the bees cannot enter. After the colony is disturbed, Africanized killer bees will remain agitated for up to 8 hours or more. Remove the stinger quickly by scraping it with credit card, fingernail or a dull thin object; try to get under the stinger's venom sack.
However, if you are allergic to bee stings, it may take only ONE sting for a life threatening reaction. A Professional pest control and pest management company providing: Bee Removal, African Bee Exterminating, Bee Hive Removal and Monthly Pest Control serving Scottsdale, North Scottsdale, Carefree, Cave Creek and Paradise Valley, Arizona.
In the Phoenix, Arizona area the majority of wild honey bees (those not in beekeepers' boxes) are Africanized.

We recommend professional removal of all bee swarms (newly arrived bees) and established bee hives as soon as discovered.
Our bee removal technicians are trained to remove the entire hive including getting rid of all the bees.  Bee removal usually is a quick process, but without protective equipment it can be very dangerous and almost impossible to get removal the hive and bees. We are a Scottsdale Bee Removal Company providing Bee Managment, Africanized Bee Removal in Scottsdale AZ. Both bees will sting in defense of themselves or their colony sting only once before dying Africanized honeybees and European honeybees have the same venom Both bees can pollinate flowers, produce honey and make wax Killer bees may seem docile at first.
We use the same tried-and-true methods to remedy Africanized bee problems and European bee problems. Their presence is a health and safety risk to people and animals in the surrounding area and often results in costly property damage if not removed.
Both Africanized and European honey bees have the same physical appearance; therefore, all honey bees should be treated with the same caution as Africanized bees.
We have even faced dangerous encounters with both small and extremely large bee colony removals of Africanized (Killer Bees), and European wild honeybee swarms right here in the valley of the sun.

Therefore, we will not attempt to scare you into believing that every bee situation is an emergency for which you should pay an inflated price.
Bee removal or extermination should never be attempted by persons without professional training and protective equipment. Do not disturb or tease bees: no throwing rocks, spraying with water, pouring gasoline, burning bee colony or hive, trying to control bees with wasp spray or any aerosol pesticides.
These will only set off an attack.Call a professional bee removal specialist to assist you in safely removing bees, bee hives, swarms or colonies.

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