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There are two types of bees that build their nests in homes, the honeybee and the yellow jacket bee.
Try using a duster that will let you reach the nest’s entry hole and see if you can persuade them to evacuate. Neither of these two types is a major concern until they feel like their nests are being threatened. These people charge a little for their labor, but you need to keep in mind that the damage that may be caused by the extermination in your house is yours to pay for.
There is also pesticide dust available in your groceries that you can use along with the duster to exterminate the bees inside their nests.
Bees do not have any activity during the night and the heightened moisture in the air will slow down their flight during sunrise.

We can affordably remove your wasp nest from anywhere on your property, lofts, garden, eaves, etc. If they are already nesting in your attic, they might make it to your living room quite faster than you expect them to. This means that if the bees were to nest inside your walls, the beekeeper has to tear it down.
You can use the tip of your duster into one of the holes and then force the dust inside of their nest. If you were dealing with yellow jacket bees, it is okay to leave their nest behind because they do not cultivate honey. Due to the aggressive nature of the wasp and the capacity to sting multiple times and in swarms, we recommend you do NOT treat a wasp nest yourself.

Professional pest control people with the best quality equipment always practice safety and precaution whenever they deal with bees to prevent themselves from being swarmed.
You do not need to pump excess dusts because it will automatically fill in the shape of the nest. An effective and safer method is to treat these nests from their entry holes that are most probably located outside of their nests.

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