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Texas Bugs-R-Us is a Houston-based firms that offers a full range of pest control services.
According to Calvin Thigpen, Houston bed bugs company spokesperson, "We use state-of-the-art equipment to raise the temperature of an infested area to 125 degrees to kill all life stages of bed bugs.
He continues, "Texas Bugs-R-Us is able to offer huge savings over our competitors because we control our overhead by not having to pay salesman's commission.

Texas Bugs-R-Us has highly trained technicians that bid and treat every service and we wanted to help Houstonians fight the bed bug plague with the lowest possible prices. The affordable heat treatment systems offer customers with the ability to perform bed bug control work without relying on toxic chemical residues.
Texas Bugs-R-Us gives 100% assurance that after we treat your home, you will be bed bug free.

The scientific principle behind Texas Bugs-R-Us is a non-chemical, non-toxic Houston bed bugs heat technique that is simple but proven.

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