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Once one of the most common domestic urban pests, bed bugs are a highly vilified, yet misunderstood parasite, and worryingly, bed bug infestations are on the rise. Prior to the 1940’s, bed bug treatments were largely ineffective, and as such, the common bedbug (Cimex lectularius) wasone of the most loathed of all domestic pests. We had a call from a young lady only but a few days ago who had reported a problem with an infestation of bed bugs, she was really annoyed with the situation by the time she spoke with us, she said she was studying for her exams and due to the presence of the bed bugs she was struggling to get a decent nights sleep making study work a lot harder than usual. Attack pest control and fumigation services provide professional bed bug treatments for both commercial and domestic situations in the Bristol and Bath area. This entry was posted in Bed Bugs Control and tagged bed bugs control bristol, bed bugs infestations bristol, bristol bed bugs, get rid of bed bugs by admin.
If you are experiencing the itchy irritating infestation of bedbugs in your residence; you may want to try eradicating them yourself. For whatever the reason that bedbugs have invaded your space, they are an alarming and continuing pest and a dilemma for anyone that has them in their home. When it comes to hotels, guesthouses and especially hostels; it should be the responsibility of each establishment’s manager or owner, to ensure that their guests do not come in contact with this pest and be vigilant in monitoring the bedrooms, before they have a complaint from a guest.
Bedbugs are minute parasitic insects which as their name indicates, they are normally found in mattresses bed linen and in the bedroom generally. Bed bugs feast on you during the night while you sleep, their bites can lead to irritation and itchiness can be sensed. Bed bugs that have recently hatched are extremely small, approx 1mm, once they have reached adulthood they can be 5mm in length and 4mm in width with a flat appearance prior to feeding. Passive Monitors at first appear to be very simple devices when in fact they are quite complex in how they cause bedbugs to behave. This technology has been the basis of our commercial service for the last five years and has been shown to detect bedbugs within 12 - 72 hours from introduction and has resolved countless infestations in both domestic and commercial settings. We try to encourage people not to over inspect for bedbugs as daily inspections often result in people becoming unnecessarily anxious over every small piece of dust, lint or dirt, which can be counter productive and a huge emotional drain. Although we have had success in detecting bedbugs in unoccupied areas such as cleaners’ cupboards and luggage storage areas in hotels, we prefer to focus on areas that are routinely occupied and, therefore, most attractive to bedbugs.
The diagrams below indicate where on different bed and seat types the monitor should be installed.

Passive Monitors are ideally installed at the head end of the bed on the base or box spring section so that they provide bedbugs with the perfect harbourage close to a source of food. The installation location for seats and chairs is based on the most occupied position, which will be the most attractive location for bedbugs.
Increasingly people are concerned about vehicles becoming infested with bedbugs, although this is less common than people worry about its often best to be ProActive and avoid a huge infestation by catching the issue quickly. We have noticed that some chemicals have a repelling action on bedbugs and, as such, may interfere with the attraction that bedbugs have to the Passive Monitor.
Passive Monitors are designed to work in occupied areas because they utilise the bedbugs’ natural harbourage seeking behaviour post feeding. Additional lures to bedbugs are body heat and certain aromatic chemicals (most notably pheromones) although the field data to support the use of more complete monitoring systems is somewhat lacking. Through extensive testing and system development, we have found that the most effective of the Active Monitors currently on the market is the Bed Bug Beacon from PackTite which utilises a CO2 reaction to produce sufficient gas to attract bedbugs for up to seven days and, in fact, gives the best results from day three of deployment onwards.
As the inventors of Passive Bedbug Monitors we have more field knowledge of their use than any other company in the world. Initial field trial results and data - Report illustrating the field trial results of passive bedbug monitors conducted by an independent pest control firm. Treatment by passive monitor replacement - In some situations treatment is possible through the replacement and targeted cleaning of areas with light bedbug infestations. 2011 Optimising furniture to reduce the impact of an infestation of bedbugs - Tips and principles for optimising furniture in advance of an infestation of bedbugs to aid early detection and reduce the spread.
They provide the perfect harbourage site for bedbugs and then induce them to leave telltale signs to show you they are present.
In trials the monitors have enabled detection within 12 - 72 hours of bedbugs being introduced to a location, thereby making the problem much easier to resolve and less likely to spread. Throughout human history, this highly adaptive pest has taken residence alongside their hosts- bed bugs thrive in densely populated environments, especially cities, are difficult to detect, and difficult to get rid. With the development of synthetic pesticides and bed bug fumigation techniques the commonality of infestations was reduced to the point where in many places, bed bugs became part of urban mythology, something believed only experienced in the filthiest and most impoverished communities.
One of the most common misconceptions is that dirty conditions attract the pest- whilst such environments might make it harder to detect and get rid of bed bugs, In actuality, they are attracted by carbon dioxide exhaled by their hosts, and not dirt, and feed off blood, not waste or skin.

After speaking with her we arranged an appointment that day to treat her bedroom for an infestation of bed bugs.
We found evidence of fecal spotting around the underside of the bed frame close to where the headboard connected to the bed.
Few people today have seen or understand how bed bugs infestations arise, yet pest controllers are reporting a steady increase in requests for both domestic and industrial bed bug treatments. The next day we arrived at the property of concern in Clifton wood, Bristol and carried out a thorough inspection on all the likely hiding places of the bed bugs. As we were treating the bed frame and mattress we found adult bed bugs been flushed out of the cracks and crevices. We strongly advise that you seek and engage the help of a specialised and qualified pest control experts, who possesses a tested record in treating such problems; Pest control London is such a company who can utilise their bed bugs control London experience. It is a good idea that in these very vulnerable facilities that a reputable bed bug control London Company is contracted to make periodical checks on your establishment, thereby guaranteeing that the sleeping areas of their clients and tenants are cleansed and completely free of bedbugs. Our technology was developed after years of field observation and understanding of how bedbugs colonise locations. Since we carried out the bed bug treatment the young lady has had no more complaints of any sleepless nights and can rest assure with a good nights sleep. They are exceptionally difficult to locate and are very good at concealing themselves in bed frames, furniture, behind skirting boards and various crevices in the bedroom. Their bites may be singular or in a group, this is caused probably by their victim changing positions while asleep, making the bed bug to find other areas of the body. We have yet to find a conclusive method in stopping them invading our homes, but until then, we do have bed bug control London.

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