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The most effective and efficient way to bed bugs extermination is to use insecticides or pesticides to areas that have been invaded by bed bugs. So, to prevent the serious impact when carried out bed bug extermination, it would be wise to you to hire bed bugs extermination pest control company that is credible and professional.
What is important is that you no longer bothered by the bed bugs bite while you sleep, so you can wake up comfortably.
I’ve had a (possibly inordinate) fear of bed bugs since they returned to our shores after decades of near-extinction. Last week at the National Hardware Show in Las Vegas, Bird-X introduced Bed Bug Alert, a nontoxic, rigid plastic bedbug monitoring device—about the size of a business card—that slips under a mattress or into other tight spaces where bedbugs are suspected.

Homeowners can use the Bed Bug Alert device to check daily for the nasty, biting little critters. Ok I have bedbugs and my landlord has chosen to do monthly pesticide treatments that are done my an exterminator.
With all due respect to Robyn Griggs Lawrence, "Bed bug eradication, especially if you have an infestation, is best left to professionals" is bad advice. I have been using red cedar oil (Cedarcide, Wondercide etc) for a few years for flea & tick treatment on my cats, It can also be used for bed bugs. Since they first crawled into New York City several years ago, the little bugs have infested cities across the United States.

Inside the device, a special gel containing human pheromones attracts and traps bedbugs if they are present, alerting you to the problem before it’s too late. Hotels can use it to monitor all rooms, and travelers can test hotel and motel beds upon arrival. I can keep it under my mattress and call my local pest control company immediately if a bedbug shows up in my bed.

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