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SteamXtreme Bed Bug Killing Steamer and Cleaner effectively kills bed bugs which are very vulnerable to high temperatures. Commercial or home the Desiderio Auto offers the best of both worlds in steam vapor cleaning. Since the steam and vacuum combination makes cleaning so extraordinarily easy, the uses are endless! I'm cleaning everything in sight, including removed all the old paint off a concrete basement floor that was peeling and had mold and mildew growth under the paint.
Steambrite will ship the Vapor Clean Desiderio Bed Bug Auto Steam Cleaner Continuous Fill Vacuum Recovery Free Shipping [VCDA] by either Fedex or Freight Quote, and will normally be shipped within 2-5 working days. The steam cleaner produces 140°C steam at 58 psi, more than enough to kill bed bugs and other insects.

I have always had a bed bug problem and therefore accumulated a numerous number of pesticides throughout the years. Some have been good and some have been really bad so when I came across the steam cleaner I felt like all my bed bug nightmares had been put to rest! This great deal includes $59.00 worth of cleaning brushes, carry bag, microfiber towel and mop pad.
I first came across a steam cleaner when I rented it to clean the beds, carpets and sofas from bed bugs in my house. I’ve used this steam cleaner to not only get rid of bed bugs but also clean windows, flooring, sofas and carpets. Simply fill it with water and the water and high power of the steamer will release steam at a temperature that will kill the bed bugs.

From microfiber mop pads, towels, intensifier pads, we have an arsenal for your cleaning job. This steamer is durable enough for even everyday use by a professional and is simple enough for even a homeowner who is steam treating or cleaning their home.

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