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We are the Bedbug Experts providing a three phase treatment that we Guarantee will work or we will return for free. Our all natural Services are intensive and our skilled technicians perform detailed Steam treatments & our natural Hazing procedures. The huge advantage in green treatment is that Bed Bugs can never become immune to our detailed crack and crevice intensive dry steam heat service or our hazing process. We also use all natural spray products that will kill bugs behind walls, carpets, electrical outlets, and other hard to reach places. Using a combination of contact killers and residual sprays we can get rid of all your bug problems and help you get a good nights sleep. Our all Natural Treatments are Guaranteed to work and have been proven time and time again.

One way to confirm the bites are from bed bugs is to check your bed, bedsheets and pillows for signs of bed bugs. If you find that you do in fact have bed bugs, treating the bites is only treating the symptom, you will want to treat the bites in the short term, but get rid of the bed bugs in the long term. In most bed bug bite cases, over the counter medications work great for bed bug bite treatment. Oral Antihistamine allergy medicines are also very effective at reducing the itching, burning and swelling of bed bug bites. While not as effective as the hyrdo-cortisone cream or Oral antihistamine’s, Calamine lotion works well for some people and has the added benefit of protecting the area during the healing process. Plantain is a common weed that is excellent for soothing skin irritations like bed bug bites.

White cosmetic clay can be mixed with water to make a paste can be placed on the bed bug bite and allowed to dry.
We also use residual spray products that keep killing and working for weeks to help keep new pests from moving in.

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