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Man’s best friend can steer his handler wrong, especially because often, dogs get a doggie treat each time they signal that they’re smelling bedbugs. And that’s why, Fabry also said, it’s important to make sure the exterminator shows you the bedbugs if their dog has alerted to their presence. Georgia entomologist Paul Bello, who authored “The Bed Bug Combat Manual,” and entomologist Lou Sorkin of Entsult Associates in Rye Brook, New York, first conducted a search of the home and found no evidence of bedbugs. Still, four out of 11 dogs we met got it wrong, and alerted to bedbugs in the home even though there were none.

Fabry said an exterminator shouldn't recommend professional treatment, which can run upwards of $600 per room, for a bedbug infestation unless the exterminator himself performs a visual inspection, but Mikey's handler did not do any further inspection. Entomologist Sorkin advises homeowners not to be pressured into doing expensive treatment when a dog alerts to the odor of bedbugs but no bugs are found. With the holiday travel season now in our rearview mirror, it's possible that bedbugs took advantage of your vacation by hitchhiking their way back to your home from your hotel or just from your Uncle Larry’s. And it’s no myth that, with their superior sense of smell, dogs can indeed be trained to sniff out bedbugs.

But some companies are responding creatively by using Bed Bug Sniffing Dogs to root out the problems. They can also tell you have a problem when you really don’t, especially if they're using dogs to sniff out bedbugs.

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