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Treatment of bed bug bites involves two factors namely identifying the insect and treating the infection. Staying in healthy atmosphere and following healthy lifestyle can prevent you from getting infested from bed bug bites. One way to confirm the bites are from bed bugs is to check your bed, bedsheets and pillows for signs of bed bugs.
If you find that you do in fact have bed bugs, treating the bites is only treating the symptom, you will want to treat the bites in the short term, but get rid of the bed bugs in the long term. In most bed bug bite cases, over the counter medications work great for bed bug bite treatment.
Oral Antihistamine allergy medicines are also very effective at reducing the itching, burning and swelling of bed bug bites.
Plantain is a common weed that is excellent for soothing skin irritations like bed bug bites. White cosmetic clay can be mixed with water to make a paste can be placed on the bed bug bite and allowed to dry.

What you will see when they get onto you is they quickly crawl up your legs and get under your clothing to feed.
The legs and lower arms are common places especially where the skin is delicate with a good vascular supply close to the surface. Knowing what to do if you develop a rash from an insect bite will not only ease your symptoms, but your peace of mind as well. For some people it may not appear for days or a week depending on the body's reaction to the bed bug saliva.
The rash may look like blisters or bruises and have a large area of swelling at the site of the mosquito bites.
If the rash develops to a general body rash, it is best to see a physician to evaluate the rash. A person infected with bed bug bites may lead to various types of skin infections and sometimes may even cause blisters.
Eradicate the bugs totally from the house using pesticide can help you to overcome bed bug bites.

Often times an insect bite rash can mimic other conditions and can be confused with things such as scabies, fungal infections or even allergies. The rash may only be present on areas of the skin that have been exposed to the sun and may also stop where the underwear meets the legs.
Bed bug rash, when it first becomes visible, may just be a single, swollen bump before it spreads.
If you suspect that you were bitten by a tick and develop a rash, seek medical attention to rule out Lyme disease, an infection that can lead to serious illness.

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