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In the battle against Bed Bugs there are many commercial, chemical based sprays and powders available, which can be used to great effect but need very careful planning and use. We now have another great product for use against Bed Bugs and many other flying and crawling insects. For use against pests such as Bed Bugs, cockroaches, booklice, fleas, ticks, red mites, crickets, ants, moths, beetles, casual intruders, flies and maggots.
DescriptionThe PackTite Bed Bug Blue Fecal Spot Detection Kit PROFESSIONAL includes all the same features of the Bed Bug Blue Home Test Kit but with a much greater quantity of test tape for pest management professionals or property managers with a need to conduct fecal tests much more frequently.

That is why we only sell products used by the professionals within the pest control industry. The 1 litre of concentrate is ideal for larger applications in places such as hotels and guest houses and should be mixed at a rate of 200ml per 5 Litres of water which means 1 litre of concentrate will provide 25 Litres of treatment making great savings on having to destroy expensive mattresses, bedding, carpets and rugs. It was designed as a simple, inexpensive test kit that assists in identifying fecal spots left behind by hidden bed bugs. Using a proprietary developer fluid and tape that turns blue at the presence of bed bugs, this test detects the presence of blood in fecal spotting in less than a minute.

Bed Bug Blue will turn blue for new bed bug fecal spots or spots up to 2 years old as long as the spots have not been wiped down with cleansers or other chemicals that may affect its composition.

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