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Fumigation is the only guaranteed method of killing bed bugs in all stages, and Valley’s technicians know how to do it safely. Valley’s experienced team has taken many hours of specialized training in pest management for bed bug control in residential, senior, and commercial facilities.
The classic signs of bed bug infestations are itchy, reddish-colored bites, dark fecal spotting on mattresses, blood smears, adult bugs, molts of the shell that are left behind, small bed bugs, and tiny, whitish-colored eggs.
If you suspect a place may have bed bugs, leave purses and bags in your vehicle before entering to inspect.
If you would like to rest assured that there are no bed bugs in your home, consider having Valley Termite & Pest Control perform a canine detection service, the fastest and most accurate way to detect bed bug infestations. The City of Cincinnati has determined that bed bugs are now officially considered a vermin.
Valley Termite & Pest Control is the only company in the region that offers public education seminars on bed bug treatment and prevention.
Wash and dry bedding and clothing regularly at the highest temperatures possible: 120 degrees or more is best. Do not purchase or bring home any used furniture, or if you do, make sure to examine it for signs of bed bugs.

When traveling, ask the hotel receptionist what their bed bug history is before making your travel selections. Evaluate and treat all of your pest management needs, including specialized bed bug and termite inspections and treatments. Contact a pest management professional today to get a free estimate for treating your home or business by a licensed technician.
Using heat to kill bed bugs and the eggs they leave behind can be a more cost effective alternative than chemical treatments. Conventional spray and dust treatments are performed weekly, and then twice a month or monthly, until the problem is under control. Treating your home before the insects arrive assures that there is protection to help you avoid pest issues. Bed Bugs Are Very Small Insects That Invade Homes They Are Often Found In Mattress Crevices Even In Fancy Hotels Although Health Officials Say They Are Harmless . Bed Bugs are traveling insects, or "hitchhikers", and leaving your items lying around is the perfect way for them to crawl in and hitch a ride home with you. If you discover them during a visit, change your clothes and place them in a sealed Ziploc bag before leaving so that you do not bring any bed bugs or their eggs into your vehicle.

By adding them to Cincinnati Municipal Code Section 1601-17, bed bugs are among the critters the city ordinance requires owners and occupants of buildings to control. Pay special attention to dark fecal spots that may be on the inside seams and corners of used mattresses and bed frames.
Catching bed bugs early makes bed bug treatments easier and allows you to get rid of them faster. The more you can clear away from a bed, couch, or chair, and keep off of the floor, the better. The headboard is the first place to check for dark fecal spotting, along with picture frames above the bed, night stands, and of course, beds and chairs.
If a blood host is available, bed bugs can live to see three generations of offspring ready to prey on their human hosts.

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